Lan Base Entrance Examination System Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Long b books were known, the storyteller of many lands including our own, told tales in order to entertain their listeners, as well as, to convey the moral lessons which these stories usually impart. In the course of time, these stories were handed down from generation to generation and worn smooth by ages of telling and retelling. Stories were generally tailored to reply information, become outlet for political and/ or social criticism, and sometimes simply entertain. Many storyteller acquired that distinctive style and unique from which among them well-loved and highly appreciated qualities.

But as time passed by, the use of traditional multimedia such as slides, videos, filmstrips, audio recording and overhead projectors paved way in upgrading the storytelling techniques to help readers understand more clearly what the authors want to convey. The use of these traditional multimedia opened doors for new discoveries, discoveries that he will help the students enhanced their learning capabilities through the teaching- learning processed. Thus, with the method of teaching to be effective must be supplemented by other methods or devices that will increase and enhanced quality instruction.

But time changes the trends in every generation. The key to this revolutionary advancement is, of course, the computer. A combination of electronic memory with programs that tell the machine how to process the stored data, computers were still a scientific curiosity in early 1950s

Computer, as a tool and as a part of teaching and learning process, has been a major breakthrough in the educational system. In our modern way situation, a lot of stories are being relayed to students especially those in the elementary level in forms of movies, books and newspapers. What seems notable was that although most movies featuredhitech technological advancements, many lack a very important aspect of the story telling, the imparting lesson. As a consequence, children member a movie or story based on what they saw or heard but not the lesson of the story, which is the more important aspect of storytelling. Worst, most tabloids being sold, which openly contain pornographic pictures and erotic stories, are within the reach of these kids.

The researchers believe that one way minimizing, if not eliminating this situation, was creating by interactive storyteller system, which can be used by primary school educators as a tool for storytelling.

Although the level of popularity of a computer- aided instruction (CAI) in various skills such as readings , may vary. Few will dispute the facts that computers have won a permanent place in most classrooms. The most common concerns of educators now have to do with the appropriateness of many possible role computers can play in instruction. The emphasis however, should not be on computer to increase the achievement but rather on how the teacher uses computers meaningfully in instruction.

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