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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Kona coffee company is one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the state of Hawaii. Their products are made in Hawaii and they have over forty different flavors. Because the coffee beans are grown in Hawaii this is the only place it can be found. High-quality as well as luxurious products. Strong Point ¢Corporate culture ¢Products ¢Political and Legal Environment Great assessment in communicating the need to be aware of not only American export laws, but Japanese import laws as well.

¢Coffee Market Information about the numbers of coffee market was good in showing the increase in coffee consumption. Also how Japan has become the worlds third largest importer of coffee. ¢SWOT analysis ¢Marketing Objectives ¢Marketing Strategies Excellent target market.

¢Supply chain strategies ¢Implementation Plan 1 2 Researching upscale stores, Partner with a local ad agency, and Promotions such as taste tests are excellent idea. Sampling is the best way to promote a product. ¢Measurement and Control Strategies Surveys are a great way to gain feedback both positive and negative. Weak Points ¢Situation Analysis ¢Markets.

¢Economic Environment Could go more into detail about reasons why expansion would be good in this market. How is Japans economy? ¢Distribution ¢Competitive Environment ¢Promotion Strategies A little bit weak on promotion. The biggest promotion should be social media. Missing Points ¢Situation Analysis could have gone more in depth Main competitors are not mentioned Product distribution missing Environmental factors Core fundamentals such as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats need to be slightly mentioned ¢Mission statement is missing.

Although I did find a cute quote on their web page The warmth of the islands in every cup. ¢Distribution Could have mentioned how much is distributed to each store Also how much is sold online My Conclusions: Although Japan is in its infancy in coffee culture I think it would be an excellent idea to offer Hawaiian coffee because Hawaii is seen as paradise. This analysis is missing in the report as well as Japans culture. They didnt mention the fact that Japans coffee shops serve as meeting rooms for businessmen to talk and possibly capture new clients.

It is very important to understand origins of culture so as to understand how to promote new 2 3 products in the best way possible. They dont quit mention much about how brief japan customers visit a coffee shop and how to manage this problem.

They would have to draw in and make the products attractive. It should be mentioned when Starbucks entered into Japan how it changed the views of coffee shops in Japan. It brought back a sit-and-have-a-chat style of coffee consumption.

References http://www. hawaiianisles. com http://www. japantoday. com/category/opinions/view/japans-coffee-culture 3.

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