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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Religion is one of the most influential figures in mans life. Religion, as a product of having faith in God, becomes the underlying principle of values and norms. Because religion is the underlying principle of values and virtues, it becomes then the ultimate mandate of mans lifestyle. Religion is mans ultimate concern. Concern is putting his focus to the absolute and doing away with the finite reality. The absolute is what we call God. Religion and faith in God has always been an influential factor in ones life. Religion serves as the dogmatic entity that dictates man on how to live his life.

A faithful man will of course follow the teachings of his religion and therefore live a righteous and religious life. Religion becomes the center piece of mans life and it is the institution that dictates what he ought to live. This paper is a personal experience of the author in getting to know another faith. The author is a catholic and the quest had brought him to get acquainted with the Islamic faith. Without further ado, let us now begin our discussion from the content of the interview of a man with Islamic faith.


Having a little background in religion Islam was not a hard task for the author to accomplish. The Islamic religion is very popular as not only having a lot of followers but also having been the official religion of most terrorists. But the experience in knowing more about Islam only brought awareness to the authors mind that not all people with Islamic faith are violent. In fact, as we go on with the discussion, we will realize that people of Islamic faith also love and upholds peace. The religion Islam according to the interviewed Muslim, believes in oneness of God- Allah.

Muhammad is not god but the prophet used by Allah to spread His gospel. Jesus Christ is only a prophet in Islam and not considered as a son of God. Allah for them is beyond the realm of materialism and imperfection since He is the one who created everything. Allah is beyond finitude. Allah possesses all powers and He knows everything and knows more than anything He has created. God is the fulfillment of all perfections and thus possesses the highest perfection. A Muslim believes in a judgment day. This last Day of Judgment means that even the dead will rise and face trial of all the things he had done.

Such religion believes that everyone is under the will of God and thus all their lives are in pattern with His will. They also believed that Muslims are born as already have inherited values and virtues and that they are innately good and free from seen. In the course of a Muslims life, he must work and try hard in order to achieve and fulfill his salvation. It is also emphasized in their teachings that faith in Allah must not be a product of blind adherence but a product of careful assimilation and rational questioning.

True faith is not a product of mere teachings but a product of personal search in God that ended in knowing Allah as the God that is in control of everyones lives. A Muslim also banners great virtues and values such as love and care for his fellowmen. Peace must always be upheld in accordance to the will of God. Every Muslim must also do away from material things because fixating oneself to material things is the root of sin and evil. Faith in Allah must always be coupled with actions that are in line with Gods will because faith without good deeds is dead and useless.

Worships are done in mosques but prayer can be uttered anywhere. A Muslim must do five daily prayers. These prayers must be done in dawn, noon time, afternoon, sunset and on nightfall. All Muslims are also required to fast during the ninth month of the lunar year in which they call Ramadan. To become a Muslim, one must declare Shahadah in which it is a declaration that there can be no other worthy name to be praised other than Allah. Other than reciting the Shahadah, one must also recite the Quran and have the fasting during Ramadan. To be a Muslim does not mean being born Muslim.

Even a person from other race or religion can join Islam. Even a person with many sins is not an issue in converting into a Muslim. All it needs is a true heart to be renewed and accept the will of Allah in his life. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH The Christian faith is not at all foreign to the mind of the author. But the best way to understand Christian faith and to let the readers know its very foundations is by having a glimpse of a true Christian man. A Christian man believes that God is the all-knowing, the creator and the most powerful being. He also believes in the Holy Trinity.

A true Christian man can be defined as that man who follows the ideals, principles, teachings and life of Jesus Christ. A Christian man is one who lives in accordance of the teachings and life of Jesus Christ. He is a man that does not long material things. The true and genuine Christian Man is one characterized by the virtues of responsibility, service, generosity, justice, and love. These are the main virtues in living up a truly Christian life. Other virtues may be developed in furtherance of the aforementioned virtues which are necessary in order to cater for the main and primordial virtues.

Moreover, a Christian Man is distinguished by his greater degree of freedom. Christianity emphasizes freedom among its members as there is no higher amount of compulsion from the institution or society itself. Freedom is exemplified by Christ himself being a very diplomatic and never in authority to impose to other persons. THE COMPARRISON In looking at the two religions, we can only see few major differences among the two. The Islam believes in oneness of God while Christianity believes in the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ for Islam is only a prophet but for Christianity, Jesus is the savior and a part of the Holy Trinity.

In terms of values and virtues that are being emphasized in the teachings of the two religions, they both emphasized love and respect to fellowmen. Both the Muslims and Christians love peace and they both want peace in the whole world. Care in the form of service to other people is also being preached by the two religions. Both also emphasized that a true believer must do away from material things and that his faith must not be a blind adherence but a product of rational understanding of god. Both religion want peace and harmony in this world. It is through the fulfillment of their teachings that religion comes to oneness with its essence.

CONCLUSION We can therefore conclude that both Islam and Christianity offer lifes true essence and meaning. These two religions are almost the same in terms of teaching great virtues and values. They both offer man the path to enlightenment. Differences in religion do not necessarily mean violence and chaos because if believers do follow religiously the teachings of their religion, they will always banner love and respect to other people. World peace is still attainable. All people must do is to fulfill the essence of the teachings of their respective religions. No true religion desire evil.


Religion is not always about having God to worship in ones life. Good acts count more than going to church everyday Sunday. If one is not religious enough like going to church every Sunday, one can still fulfill the mandate of religion by just mere doing good acts to fellowmen. Good deeds like showing love and care indeed count the more. Religion also means dedication to make this world a better place to live.


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