Kenzo: SWOT Aanalysis Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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1. Kenzo is considered as a high-end brand because most interviewers who were interviewed by Michael Korchia, responded its image as a high-priced ready-to-wear brand. In other words, Kenzo has been doing well in advertising their brand and its image. In addition to that, We do not simply sell products, we sell a brand concept is a motto for Kenzo

2. To be specific about their advertisement strategy, they currently tried to accelerate the concentration on the core business by building an autonomous identity for their brand.
3. French-based with Japanese cultural makes the brand interesting and allowing customers to trust its quality and sensitive design.

1. Patterns and silhouettes of clothes may seem too young for women who are in between the ages of 30 and 40 because most of them would be mothers or career women. Im pretty sure that they wouldnt want to go to school affairs or work places with short skirts and sporty sweat shirts with wild patterns on them. Therefore, Kenzos price and design dont match for its target market.

Weaknesses to Strengths
1. Since most of Kenzos womenswear fit better for younger customers than its target market, I think lowering its price can increase brand loyalty for younger customers and eventually get a financial benefit from it.

1. Advertising its French and Japanese haute couture so that it can emphasize its uniqueness.

1. Or customers general fashion sense and Kenzos brand image(haute couture) may be threatening its marketing strategy.
2.Kenzos target market is mostly between the ages of 30 and 40.

Threats to Opportunities
1. Kenzo used be a unique brand, but recently changed their scope, and in many countries they are becoming a major brand. In other words, not many people prefer Kenzos style. However, Kenzo is willing to maintain its originality, which will challenge them in adjusting trends of a global market. If they want to convey their uniqueness to their customers, I think they should come up with a customizing strategy, which they will customize garments for customers who like haute couture and smooth out the general brand image.

2. It wont be able for Kenzo to grow its market if they dont change their target market. If they are not willing to change their price because of the brand image, designers should design more younger looks to include younger customers who have rich families to their target market and expand their brand.

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