Kelley Goff Creation Myth March 1st 2006 Essay

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It was long-long ago, at the beginning of civilization, when people still had to read newspapers for to get the news, listen the music through the cassette recorders, and their computers were big, clumsy, and unattractive. For thousands of years already the world had been facing the danger of being buried under the piles of paper that were generated by the two opposing powers the greatest Goddess, whose holy name is enounced with respect all over the known part of the world, and the most ugly, cruel and maleficent demon ever known. Those were Information and Bureaucracy

The Goddess had its army of humans, who valued her gifts the most, who dig for them everywhere, and who shared them with other people. Those were journalists, the priests of Information. But the wrecked beast of Bureaucracy also had adherents in our world, the ones that produced the most paper with the least effect. The demon of Bureaucracy had the formidable army of civil servants worldwide The struggle between Information and Bureaucracy was threatening to put the world into the abyss of paperwork forever, but the loyal worshippers of Information bended their knees and asked the greatest Goddess to save the world from the imminent danger.

The Great Goddess looked down on the Earth, and saw that her worshippers were right. Their struggle was creating tons of papers that took more and more place, and more and more resources were needed for to keep all of those papers in order. People couldnt just throw away the gifts the Goddess gave them, as she willed them to keep every little bit of her endowment. The gifts of the merciful Goddess to its children were numerous, but not enough for to create inconvenience for people who dwelled on the Earth.

But the mean-spirited demon of Bureaucracy filled the world with the imitations of the Goddesss gifts, and mesmerized most of the Earth-dwellers so that they couldnt tell the difference between the bestowals of Information and the jiggery-pokery the demon produced. Only few were left of those, who could tell that difference. The Goddess summoned them and ordered to create a device where information could be stored without taking so much space. The faithful ones worked days and nights, week after week and month after month, and soon after that the first computer was created.

And the Goddess saw that is was good, and gave it to her people. But soon it turned out that it wasnt enough, as the faithful ones all over the world had to store tons of the same information on their computers. And the Goddess saw it wasnt rational, and she created the brand new reality for her gifts to be stored there, and it was called Internet. That was when the need to store piles of data vanished. Today it is enough for one computer on the planet which is connected to the Web to have some data for to share it with people worldwide.

The life of the adherents of the Goddess became much better immediately, as they could communicate with each other all over the world, and each letter took a couple of minutes to arrive, and the papers in their flats and on their workplaces werent threatening to bury them any more. But the guileful demon of Bureaucracy wasnt going to give up. At first it ordered its worshippers to ignore the novelty. Thus, while the adherents of Information transferred the piles of papers onto the devices that, by Goddesss grace, became smaller with each passing year, the armies of Bureaucracy created more and more useless paper.

And the Goddess saw, that the quantity of paper in the world is increasing instead of lessening, and she understood she had to trick the evil demon somehow. And she modified the Internet so that it became the suitable place for humans to spend time. The Goddess decided to prepare a place for the chosen ones where there will only be pure information, a substance, without any bearers, a place where no paper mountains will threaten the survival of the humanity. And she created the first real entertaining website, a place where people could communicate and just have fun.

The Goddess worked hard, and soon there were millions of websites with different content in the web, and everyone could find the needed data there. Today the Goddess is testing people who live on the Earth for loyalty. The ones who would stay by her side despite of all the machinations of the demon of Bureaucracy, will be granted the eternal life in the reality of information, where there wont be anything to prevent the confluence of the humans mind and data. KELLEY GOFF MYTH ANALYSIS MARCH 1ST 2006

Myth Analysis This myth was created using the two strategies, described in the course book. The first strategy was Emergence. The emergence myths emphasize evolutionary progress from the cramped darkness of early society to the airy brightness of civilization (Leonard and McClure 39). The world created is the brand new one, and people have an opportunity of getting there, as their present place of dwelling is too scant for them. The second myth-construction strategy used in this work was the Two Creators.

In our myth two opposing forces are present, and each of them adds to the creation of the new reality. Our dark force, the demon of Bureaucracy is the first and only reason for which the new reality was actually created, and his further actions are what define the next steps the Goddess-creator will make. This creation story tries to answer the question of whether the things people worship have changed. It also analyzed the question, of whether the notions of the good and evil have shifted in the modern society.

This story also seeks an answer for the questions that are the vital ones in the contemporary world, which are How to control the flows of information each of us has to consume every day? and Is the information the most valuable substance, or the most cheap drug of the 21st century? This myth also offers one more concept of the future development of the human race. Some of science fiction writers have considered the possibility that sooner or later humans will be able to live without their bodies, being just a conglomeration of information and energy.

The myth I wrote is one of the variations of the concept of salvation. The Christianity is the most widespread religion of salvation that exists on our planet, and it is the most widespread in the country were I dwell, so I suppose I was mostly influenced by this concept when I wrote my myth. The main elements of the religions of salvation are seen in the religious concept I developed in my myth, which is the existence of two forces, the good and evil ones, where the evil one is secondary to the good one.

The evil force makes the life of people on the Earth uncomfortable, and the good one creates the reality where those, who are loyal to it, can find shelter and protection, and where they would never have to be afraid of the evil force. According to the views that exist in the contemporary world, some kinds of information are more valuable than money are. Information is one of the most valued substances nowadays. In the same time lots of people are afraid to deal with it, as it is something immaterial, you cannot see it or touch it.

This myth is trying to create an ideal reality for such people, the reality where it is clearly seen, which piece of info is valuable, and which is not, and where correct information can be easily discerned from the incorrect one. The surrounding world is changing rapidly, and so do the peoples views of their gods. My myth is just an effort to create more masks for the two governing forces, which people believe to be in charge of everything that happens in the world.

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