Kannawidan: the Ilocos Festivity Essay

Published: 2020-02-18 05:32:19
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Kannawidan is a festivity which the City of Vigan celebrates every year. In this festival, the Ilocano people showcase cultural shows, native products and the talents of the Ilocanos. Kannawidan Ylocos Festival became an annual festival that aims to create awareness on the preservation of the province rich cultural heritage, practices and traditions, and a showcase of the different agriculture and industry products of the province.There is a need to preserve our rich heritage and unique culture. With this in mind, the provincial government of Ilocos Sur has conceived a festival that highlights these culture and traditions and attract local and foreign tourists as well. Dubbed the Kannawidan Ylocos Festival, it is also a commemoration of the anniversary of Ilocos Sur as a province.

This festival is very significant to every resident in the province as they are celebrating the foundation of Ilocos Sur as a province by virtue of the Royal Decree signed on February 2, 1818. Ilocos Sur especially Vigan is branded as the Heart of Ilocandia by the Philippine Historical Committee. Its a province very rich in culture and heritage. Kannawidan means traditions and this province got to showcase all what she has. On January 31 to February 6, 2011 several activities were lined up for the celebration. There was the tribal performance of the cultural communities of Ilocos Sur which is so fascinating.

They displayed their talents as well as their indigenous costumes. Partuat ken Patanor Trade Fair showcased the products of the province such as longanisa, bagnet, garlic, bibingka, tinubong and many other foods including handicrafts. There was even eating contests of these delicacies of Ilocos Sur as well as basi drinking contest. Traditional games were played and bingo as well. There were Sarsuela and Komedya Ilocana which were shown. Choir competition was also held. Showcasing the beauty of the Iloconas- the Saniata. We must be proud of being an Ilocano because even foreigners admire our culture and traditions. This festival reminds us not to forget about our culture and traditions.

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