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Published: 2020-02-12 08:43:01
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An unjust law is a rule that a group of people imposes on other persons due to the superiority of the former group while the former faction is not accountable to the same code. Conversely, a just law is one which holds both parties (the ruled and the ruler) responsible for all their actions. According to Dr. Martin Luther King, as is stipulated in his famous The Letter from Birmingham Jail Document, a just law is one that is in line with the laws of God or the moral laws of man (King, Carson, Luker et al 2005).

Any government law that tries to compel its people, regardless of their culture, language, or color, to perform unethical things is therefore unjust. The people of TAGG should thus try to enact laws which are just to the entire population of TAGG regardless of the residents respective origins. Due to the influx of people from different nations, religions, and political backgrounds, it was wise to formulate laws to govern the people in the TAGG Island. This action would be very advantageous as it would help to curb any misconduct of the people who came to TAGG Island (Edelman, 1984).

Initially, the people of the island used to rely on moral laws, but, due to the incoming of the newcomers, major problems were likely to be evidenced since the incomers would like to formulate their native countries laws and impose them onto the islanders. To curb such problems, the TAGG council of elders should formulate a constitution that would govern all the people on the island irrespective of their background. This initiative could open room to have courts that would solve disputes between the people both strangers and natives.

These courts could block ways where distinctions between both groups of people would be exhibited. Due to the primitive nature of the islanders, the constitution would help to curb potential inhuman and unjust deeds against the people who come seeking employment in the TAGG oil industry. The laws would thus govern all the resources in TAGG. The constitution will be a driving mechanism for the resources that are in TAGG including the revenue collected from the oil industry.

Due to the greedy nature of human beings, it would be better to determine how the resources would be distributed among the entire TAGG population without benefiting only a few people. This action would also bar the foreigners from carrying all the resources to their home countries without leaving any to the natives. If this was the situation, the foreigners would try to make sure that they colonize the natives and impose rules that would favor them (the foreigners) at the expense of the natives.

This situation would lead to slavery of the natives, thus making them (the natives) mere workers in the mining industry as opposed to coworkers in the firms. Since the elders wanted to have many of their people to be the majority in the few job opportunities available in the oil industry, the constitution would declare the ratio of foreigners acceptable in the working fields which would develop from the launch of the oil industry.

The introduction of courts could handle the unjust laws that might suppress any of the people in the territory (Giddens, 1986). Further, it would solve all the existing differences and would thus give a just verdict to the wrongdoers without skewing towards either side. The application of the laws in the society would thus solve many of the social disputes and problems amongst the society members. This development would ensure that existing personal rights, social responsibilities, and valuable relationships, are withheld.

The laws thus seek to strengthen the rights of the people, thus ensuring their security. This is because if the foreigners invested much in the island, there would be laws to govern each and every individual to have a harmonious stay in TAGG. Implementing such strategies would ensure that the rights of the people will never be compromised at any time for all misconduct would be firmly dealt with by the law. This strategy was meant to preserve the democracy of each individual in TAGG without favoritism (Anawalt, 2006).

The constitution will thus provide a good governance style since it spells out the leadership style from any leader either the overall leader or anyone taking part in the administration offices. This technique ensures that the people of TAGG are given the authority to defend their nation from any invaders who might cause anxiety to the entire population. The people are thus accorded a chance to govern their country with their own laws without the interference from other nations. This provision closes all the routes which can allow the problems exercised in other nations to be experienced in TAGG.

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