Justice Administration: Rehabilitation of the Judicial System Essay

Published: 2020-02-22 15:02:56
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In any branch of government, judicial, executive, or legislative, there is always the problem of decisions being made not in representation of the needs of the people but of the demands of the elite. Money talks, and money is often the way decisions are made, without full regard for the best interests of the citizens being served. Especially in the United States, the desires of high level CEOs and business administrators often outrank the desires of the voting majority.

In the judicial system, police officers and administrators, court judges and lawyers, and corrections officers and administrators are all subject to being susceptible to the influence of business interests rather than the interests of the people they are meant to serve. Money has a way of tempting even the best of people, so a system needs to be in place to ensure that citizens who serve the public by working in the judicial system are not enticed by bribes.

In overhauling the United States justice administration, it is essential that police, courts, and corrections agencies are staffed with people who are free from the influence of elitist interests which serve to undermine the legal system. Police Police officers and administrators in the United States justice system are often employed by city, state, and federal agencies, frequently serving lifelong positions from one home base, yet this stagnant system leaves the door open to monetary bribes.

If people are settled in one location, then they are more likely to fall under the influence of elitist and criminal interests, opening the door for justice to be tossed aside in favor of a nice pay off (Prenzler 2009). In order to reduce the potential for police officers to become involved in criminal activity, it would be best if the first line of defense would be supplied by state police in all areas who are only able to spend a maximum of several years in one location, moving between cities within the state.

If state police officers were mandated to move around between cities without prior notice of their new station, there would be a reduction of the effects of criminal infiltration into the police system. When police officers have the duty to regularly change their post, then they are less likely to form bonds with and be tempted by special interests. Courts The United States court system operates that judges and district attorneys are elected or appointed, yet they often remain too long in office, allowing for the possibility to become influenced by special interests.

It is vital that court judges and district attorneys be elected or appointed for limited amounts of time or moved around the state or country, so that no one judge or district attorney becomes overly comfortable and rooted in one particular place (Bond 2008). When the court system in mired with staff members who are known to be constantly present, then criminal influences are able to work on them and rely on them to do their bidding and accept their bribes.

The best mode of action is for judges and district attorneys to have time limits to their positions, so that they are less susceptible to being bought off by the elite. It is essential to have a court system which works for all people and not only the ones who have extra money to swing decisions in their favor. Corrections Corrections officers and administrators are vulnerable to being swayed by the interests of criminal intentions, and it is vital that these patrons of the justice system are not allowed to remain in one area for too long.

When corrections officers and administrators are constantly available to do the bidding of people who are intent on bribing them for favors, then they often break down and become at risk of accepting corrupt kickbacks (May, Minor, & Ruddell 2007). In creating a fluid justice system, it is important for corrections officers to belong to either state or federal agencies, so that they are able to move around the state or the country every few years. In delicate areas of public service, it is important to know that staff members are more focused on their public duty rather than on the desires of criminals.

Moving officers on a regular basis and ensuring progressive training is able to significantly reduce the instances of criminal breeches of the system. Conclusion Generally speaking, it is good practice to have government agencies which are staffed by members who do not get overly comfortable in their positions and locations. When workers are encouraged to move around, even take on new and different responsibilities, then they are more apt to concentrate on their public obligations rather than on private enticements.

It is safe to say that people who work in the justice system, or any branch of government, are regularly pressured to accept money in exchange for ignoring or manipulating the justice system and turning their backs on their public duty. This is an unfortunate, yet very common, aspect of taking a position where one is working for the interests of the public. In order to retain a sense of noble service in the justice system, smart measures need to be implemented which ensure that no person is in a certain location or position for extended amounts of time.

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