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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The novel, Jungle love novel, was written by Margaret Johnson. This story is about two girls, Jennifer and Lisa, who took a trip to Belize and they both were in love with the same attractive man, Ian. Jennifer enjoyed nature and reading while Lisa liked talking too long. In Jennifers situation, she had another man, Pete. They planned to get married and then to move to the countryside to enjoy their life. However, she was very confused about their relationship. She loved Pete, but she wasnt in love with Pete as much as with Ian. About Lisa, she wasnt contented with what she had.

She lived in the boring countryside with her mother but she always dreamed about living in a luxury flat in London. She knew what she wanted a soul mate and moving to London. The ridiculous thing is they both were loved by Ian. He couldnt choose whom he liked most because they were both attractive. These two girls began a war. When Jennifer and Lisa finally discovered that Ian was a big liar, they became reconciled and became good friends. The story ended up with Lisa receiving a phone call from her brother that her mother married an old man.

Thus Lisa was able to start her new life in London. At the same time Jennifer broke the engagement with Pete. What a dramatic ending! I think Jennifer didnt know exactly what she wanted and then made the situation worse and more complicated. Nevertheless, Lisa was confident and sure of what she wanted in life that she tried hard to realize it. The main idea is appearances can be deceptive. In my opinion, they shouldnt trust man who said sweet words. They both were abused by Ian. Dont judge only by appearances.

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