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Published: 2020-01-31 21:41:46
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Cause and Effect Prompt based on William Shakespeares tragedy Julius Caesar Search the cause and effect of the assassination of Julius Caesar in William Shakespeares tragedy Julius Caesar by examining Julius Caesar being a Tragic Hero with a Tragic flaw(s), and how this led to his downfall. Your paper must provide description of his tragic hero traits. Cite your literature textbook with at least two examples using quotations from the play that demonstrate this cause and effect.

Then compare and contrast this dilemma with another world figure (either from the past or the present) that has been untimely assassinated. Find parallels between your selected figure and Julius Caesar. Analyze their likenesses and differences of the impact of these two deaths on their respective societies. Include another quotation as text evidence for your discussion.

* Remember that your examples from the text must be within quotation marks. * Remember that you are demonstrating the tragic flaw that Julius Caesar had through the use of the quotations you find and how this cause his downfall, then you are comparing and contrasting this same situation with another world figure leader who also was lost due to an assassination. * Remember to write a clear thesis for your paper which will give direction for your remarks.

Tragic Hero TraitsTherefore

* Born into nobility* He/she falls from great heights * Responsible for his/her own fate* Realizes they have made an irreversible mistake * Endowed with a tragic flaw* Faces and accepts death with honor and humility * Doomed to make a serious error in judgment * May meet a tragic death

Themes of Julius Caesar Fate versus Free will Public versus Private Self Misinterpretations and misleadings Inflexibility versus compromise Political rhetoric versus Power Essay Requirements:

1. At least 5/6 well-constructed paragraphs 2. A clear thesis within your introduction 3. Two quotations: these must express his tragic flaw in a cause and effect manner (if this- then that). 4. You must compare and contrast the situation and downfall of Caesar to a current or past public figure that has been lost through an assassination. One quotation is required. 5. This is a timed writing piece. Please apply your knowledge of time management through use of prewriting, drafting and revising skills. You must proof read your own paper before submission. 6. MLA requirements: Neatly written document with proper documentation of your quotations followed by a Works Cited entry of all documented sources at the end of your paper. Do not write on the back of your paper.

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