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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Jesus is the one sent by God the Father from Heaven for purposes of redemption of sin and restoration of the lost glory after the downfall of mankind. The four gospel books brings it forth that He is the promised Messiah whose coming was prophesied by prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 9:1-7 (Brown, 1979). He was brought up and began His ministry in Galilee which comprise of the northern regions of Palestine, Sea of Galilee and west of Jordan (Luke 4:14-15). Before he began his ministry, Jesus underwent various activities in preparation of the public launching of the ministry.

Among these things include the baptism in river Jordan by the one known to be the Voice of the one calling from the desert, prepare the way of the Lord Messiah. It is after this baptism when the ministry of John the Baptist is no longer seen further in the bible and also the evidenced infilling of the Holy Spirit which enables Him in the execution of the Gods kingdom work (Niswonger, 1992). Jesus Ministry and Gods Kingdom When among the crowds, Jesus used parables which can be said to be wise twisted phrases of teaching but with hidden meaning like the parable of the Samaritan woman in John 4 (Funk et al, 1998).

In all the parables he used, there was an intended message that he wanted drive into the followers and the crowds following him (Thomas & Gundry, 1988). Healing of the Blind 0717897758 Among the many teachings offered by Jesus during the ministry is the story of the man born blind but healed on the Sabbath (John 9:1-12). From this story, it is clear that many believed that any deformity in a person was the result of a sin committed. Jesus contradicts this acutely in the story and puts it clear that this was purposeful and intended for reasons of Gods work to be seen.

This healing raised a lot of concern from the Pharisees who sought an opportunity to persecute Jesus because of His teachings. The healed man openly declares Jesus as a prophet from God something which does not convince the Pharisees of the origin and mission of Jesus as one sent from the Father (God). The Pharisees go farther to enquire from the mans parents about whether that man was their son. In fear of being chased out of the synagogues, the parents refer the Pharisees back to the man claiming that he is old enough to explain everything.

It also raised a difference among the Pharisees some who claim that He is not from God because He keeps not the Sabbath while others are for the view that he is God sent because no sinner can perform the miracles and wonders he did. This serves to show Gods power and ability through the awaited messiah as well as proving the truth in Jesus words that He is sent from God. Jesus and Evil Spirits Demons are also seen to give into the command of the power and authority endowed in Jesus. This is depicted by the outright confession of demons in a man during a visit in the town of Capernaum by Jesus.

In this case, the demons cry out in total submission to the authority of Jesus and acknowledge Him as the Holy one of God, the Jesus of Nazareth (Mark 1:24). Jesus is seen to command silence among the demons after which the evil spirits vigorously shake the man to the ground and depart immediately. The command by Jesus upon the evil spirits marks the separation of these spirits and the man. The crowds around also noted a difference and see the teachings of this man (Jesus) as one endowed with authority as opposes to those of the teachers of the law.

This information is recorded to reach the whole Galilee as the people saw the truth accompanied with authority in work, something highly opposed by the Pharisees (Niswonger, 1992). This act thus advances the kingdom of God as one with power and authority as well as supreme to all other authorities of evil nature. The Calling of Levi The calling of Levi, a tax collector, is another story that focuses on the ministry of Jesus in the elaboration and nature of the kingdom of God. After his call, Levi follows Jesus and prepares a banquet for Him in his house.

The fellow tax collectors also came to dine together with Jesus in Levis house. The banquet became another platform of criticism from the Pharisees who saw Him dining with tax collectors for they regarded them as outcasts and non candidates of the kingdom of God (Luke 5:27-31). In knowledge of His reason of coming to the world, Jesus answers them by telling them that it is the sick who consult a doctor and not the healthy. With this, He meant that His coming was not for the righteous and blameless but for those in darkness and wilderness of sin and iniquity (Vs 31).

This indicates that Jesus came for purpose of redeeming the lost back to the kingdom of God and everyone is welcome as long as she or he is ready to follow and adhere to His commands (Thomas & Gundry, 1988). Conclusion In Galilee, Jesus performed various miracles and wonders as well as teaching the crowds in the temple and synagogues (Niswonger, 1992). His ministry threatened much the Pharisees, Teachers of the law and Sadducees who had a lot of opposition.

Despite all these oppositions, Jesus did not stop accomplishing the will of the one who sent Him but rather he sees this as fulfillment of the word of God (John 15:25). The crowds made a clear distinction between the Pharisees and Jesus and many are seen to follow Jesus due to the assistance, help, miracles and wonders He performed. At the end of the ministry, He assigns His disciples with one assignment Go to the world and preach the gospel of the Lord and tell the people to denounce their evil ways and follow Gods righteous way. Also, they were to baptize all believers in the Trinity way (Mathew 28:16-20).

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