Jaydens Rescue Alternative Ending Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Well, AFGOI itll have to be, said Alex. Thats all we have. I just hope itll put Rechner away¦ Next time we will see him we will all say AFGOI at once, suggested Vanessa. They waited patiently to see the evil Rechner again so they could use the magic word to free Jayden.

Several days went by and the time was passing very quickly at camp. Every day was full of activities. At the end of the week Sam, Vanessa, and Alex all decided to go sailing because of the water skiing accident. Alex did not want to water ski again. Neither did Vanessa after what happened to Alex last time. They kept wondering when Rechner would appear again.

After spending time on the lake, it began to rain cats and dogs. They ran for shelter under a pavilion and were glad that they were off of the sailboat. Sam said, Why dont we head towards our cabin and call it a night. Alex and Vanessa agreed. They began their long trek to reach the cabin. The ground was very soggy and muddy and they all got their shoes extremely dirty.

They were all happy to hit the hay for a good nights sleep. Their counselor stayed up to watch them to make sure they didnt leave again. In the morning their counselor was exhausted so he let the campers sleep longer than usual. When they awoke, they all were starving and their entire cabin headed to go eat. After breakfast Alex, Vanessa, and Sam went back to the cabin to brush their teeth and that is when the evil Rechner finally appeared.

All three of them said AFGOI at once and Rechner said, Okay I give up and you win. Jayden gets to go back to her palace. Alex, Vanessa, and Sam couldnt believe what they just heard. Everyone that lived in Idyllia was so happy to have the Emerald Queen back. They pushed nine hundred dollars out of the book. Alex, Vanessa, and Sam were so excited because Jayden was now safe and they each had three hundred dollars. They were finally done with Rechner once and for all!

Jaydens Rescue

Written By:

Vladimir Tumanov

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Schmo went through 2 green lights. Mane went through 1 red light. Torch went through 3 yellow lights. This is 6 lights in all (2+1+3). Then they repeated the same path so 6+6= 12 lights passed.

Torch went through 3 yellow lights twice so 3+3 = 6. Each ticket was $300 so 6 lights times $300 is $1,800. He only had $100 bills so you need to divide $1,800 by $100 and you get 18.

Torch passed 4 ponds which each had a duck. These 4 ducks bit his hand each one time and each bite caused 4 red bumps. So 4 bites times 4 red bumps each is 4 x 4 which equals 16 red bumps.

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