Japan Alliance: Past, Present and Future Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Introduction- This book The U. S. Japan Alliance: Past, Present and Future is clearly establishing the pints on the problems for the alliance in the past from the American as well as from the Japans side in the past. The economic condition in last of 20th century, military role and other problems were shown in this book. The main aspect for the future and present for improvising the role of Japan and thus maintaining its position in the alliance is explained in this book.

This book has examined the disorder in the Japans condition and thus has suggested many solution for improvement of this alliance. The U. S. Japan alliance has created an atmosphere of uncertainty in the past. This alliance will have the powers to change the economic and domestic problems in Asia. The problems that were in the past leading to problems for creating this alliance were asymmetries in military roles and other economics disparities between Japan and U.

S. A. The Japans role according to the guidelines was limited to certain levels only which was leading the main cause for the difference in the alliance in the past. The differences between the missions of both the nations were also the key factor for alliance in the past. Even after the revision of the alliance regulations and guidelines the major role of Japan was limited in some areas only.

Also there were reasons that were affecting the security aspects of the Japan by the alliance. Also according to the guidelines, the role of Japan will not be in enough position to interfere even in the Korean country if some problems happened. Thus the dominant role was of the America in this alliance in all the perspectives. The bilateral problems were there which hindered the evolution of the alliance in the past problem.

The differences in the responsibility criteria for the Japan and the U. S. A. in the military and missions were the chief factor for the difference in the ideas for the Japan and the U. S. A. the cold war was also a problem in the past for creation of this alliance. Thus the main factors were due to the side from U. S. A. for this alliance, though there problems from Japan also. In the present status of both the countries, both the Japan and the U. S. A.

are developed countries, but the role of Japan is yet not equal due to the economic status of Japan. The economic degradation which had happened in 1998 had caused a major blow to the Japan diminishing its infrastructure and affecting its economic and other policies. The bilateral trade between both the countries has also a factor for the non-development of the alliance. The military relationship between the two countries has also hindered the growth of the alliance up to the present era.

The role of military status is dominating role for both the countries due to the Korean countries, the other countrys problem and the threat from the Chinese power. These all problems for the U. S. A. in the future have endowed him for military supremacy in this region. The U. S. A. has thus wanted to set up its framework in this area up to yet. Thus there were many differences between the America and the Japan up to yet. There were many other reasons in the present era for this alliance like the U. S.

A. wants to capitalize the telecommunication market in this area. Also there are the chances of increasing friction between the two countries; if there will be increase in the interdependence in the economic zone resulting in the gains in this area. Thus these trade inequalities will also create a problem in future also. The guidelines have been revised in 1997 due to the strategic problems between the Japan and the America. But these guidelines are still not sufficient to many political leaders in Japan.

These guidelines were again favoring the dominance of America, which is continued up to now. The revised guidelines were favoring the establishment of the U. S. bases in the Japan which would result in the instability in the Asian countries. Thus these problems from the past are still hindering the proposal of alliance. The U. S. A and Japan has to become united in present for their future purposes. The Japan, the China and the U. S. A. forms tri state placement in this region and the Japan and the U.

S. A. can not compel China for their interest because of Chinas strength and power, but as united alliance they can force the China also for dominance in this region. The U. S. A will also have to establish the alliance due to the threat from the Russia. These are the factors which cause the establishment of the alliance in the future. The both countries want to establish a bilateral collation for establishment of the alliance by increasing the public support and improve relations.

But the problems which are prevailing from the past like military and mission role, trade and gains and the supremacy will survive in the future. Thus the chances of the alliance is still impossible, but some measures like bilateral talk on this matter can be useful to solve the problems and thus the chances of establishment of the alliance for successful working will depend on these reasons. The U. S. A will have to assure the stability in these areas and will not dominate in this region for supremacy which will lead to the war.

Thus the major areas are the military and mission role problem which has to be solved in to the future accurately for the establishment of this progressive alliance. The leading trade relation will cause a profitable position for the relation of both the countries. The increase in profit in the trade will be distributed equally in proportion between the countries. The fight for supremacy must be eliminated by both countries in order to sustain as the alliance. Thus this will cause a diplomatic role of these countries in future.

The problems between the U. S. A and the Japan will remain in the future as well, as they were in the past. But measures were has to be taken in order to eliminate these problems. Thus the alliance will enforce economic as well as structural development in his region for their benefits as well as for the countries in this region.


1) Michael Jonathan Green, Patrick M. Cronin, The U. S. Japan Alliance: Past, Present and Future, Published by Council on Foreign Relations,

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