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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The dictionary defines change as variation, deviation or modification. In other words, change is to make something different from its original state. In this case, Ill be looking at change as a difference from its original event. It can be a small change, like lets say taking a new walking route home. It can also be a big change, for example: Computers were invented in the 1940s, but then they were large machines only used at universities, big companies and in the military. By the 1980s however, computers had been altered to become much smaller, and they became popular in America. The invention of computers changed the world.

There are mainly two different points of view on this matter, two very common, regularly seen points of view: Optimist and Pessimist. I plan to speak from both points of view.

Good changes come in many different forms, for example: a promotion at work to a position with a greater status and salary. Are there bad changes? Not necessarily. So what makes change a good thing?

Although there can be bad changes out there, you should take these changes as an experience. Do not complain about these changes, instead, learn from them. An example: After taking this new walking route, you trip over a drain cover and scrape your knees. Your knees get painfully scraped and you have to hobble home, but shouldnt you have been more observant? Is this the definition of a bad change?

Maybe this change is worse than just tripping over something. Maybe you lost your job at the office, and it wasnt even your fault. Look at the brighter side of things: You had a job. You had a salary, when so many people out there have no steady jobs or incomes. Take this as an opportunity. Look for a new job, fill in the application form, and go for the interview. Maybe youll get this job. Maybe you wont, but take this a learning experience!

Look at the past, observe the problem and fix it as you continue to move forward. Be resilient, and keep sloughing on. I quote Jay Asher, author of Thirteen Reasons Why, You cant stop the future. You cant rewind the past. The only way to learn the secret¦is to press play. Good changes will make your life better, and bad changes will teach you to become an independent, resilient person that can overcome the odds.

Change is a good thing.

There are good changes, but what actually happens? Changes are not entirely beneficial. An example: Lets say you won a million dollars at a lottery. This is obviously a good change, but is it? Is it really a good change? You have more money, but what will you use it for? Lets say you use it to take a lengthy expensive holiday lazing around in some distant, sunny island at a posh resort. When you come back from your holiday, what comes next?

Youll have to wake up from the dreamy state you were in during your perfect holiday and plunge yourself back into the harsh reality of a busy world. Changes can make your life worse; they change your ideal conditions to something else and affect your daily life. Maybe you wanted that job that you lost. If you secretly hated your boring job, youll say that change is a good thing because you got a chance at getting a better job. However, what if that job was your perfect job, the ideal one youve always cherished? Theres a risk youll never get a new job, much less an ideal one that fits your personality.

Change is too much of a risk. If life is working out for you now, why would you want to change it? Good changes pamper you too much; bad changes are detrimental to your life. Change is a bad thing.

Personally, I side with the optimist. Theres a difference between living and existing. I would rather embrace the world of possibilities than living with the constant fear of change. I heard a quote once, It takes a lifetime to learn how to live. Living in ideal circumstances is wonderful, but is it beneficial? Shouldnt you just do your best in everything, take risks along the way and play the game of life? Changes are risky, but at least you get to live differently.

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