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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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The technological advances of this era have laid a foundation for the abundance of gadgets and gizmos put into use on an everyday basis. Before the latest and greatest releases in cellular devices and computers, there was the invention of the first telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. From there, society has continued to re-invent and re-evaluate technology, with the most recent device being the iPhone 6 from Apple Inc. Your daughter, Mariah Crooks, is in need of this phone for a variety of reasons. Buying her an iPhone 6 will grant her better phone capabilities, keep her from complaining and instill contentment, and continue to teach her responsibility with priviledged items. The practices of contentment and responsibility will be kept at the same standard, whether receiving the phone or not. But, the upgrade in phone capability will benefit her nonetheless. The thin, sleek design of the iPhone 6 make it convenient to use at home and on the go. The phone is 6.9 mm. wide with the screen being 4.7 in. long. The iPhone 4S is much shorter and wider when compared to the iPhone 6. The size and shape are one of the main exterior components that help aid is easier capability. The distinguished camera quality is an exciting improvement to the overall hardware of the device.

The aperture at f/2.2 and the pixels at 1.5 make the lens sharper and more focal than ever before. The iPhone 4S, though not severely lacking in camera quality, is clearly not as professional as the iPhone 6. The new time-lapse and slo-mo features on the video display create even more fun and engaging opportunities as well. The enormous memory storage capability the iPhone 6 is able to generate is beneficial to her cause because, since she is an Honor Roll student, she is in need of various educational and organizational apps that help her with classwork/homework, as well as provide sufficient photo and music storage. The iPhone 6 holds up to 128GB for a low price of $399, along with free shipping. Mariahs iPhone 4S has major defunctional abnormalities, such as two broken volume buttons and, most importantly, a limited amount of memory storage. This investment will allow Mariah to exceed and explore in all areas and pursuits. Not only that, but the overwhelming amount of thankfulness that comes with such a price to pay. The amount of appreciation Mariah would have in receiving the iPhone 6 would not waiver from how much she has presently.

Mariah is very appreciative of her iPhone 4S, knowing that her father works very hard to provide everything neccessary for his family. Her iPhone 4S is still durable and usable, but some of the functions lack sufficient quality. Mariah knows she is a very blessed person with everything she needs in life already in her grasp. Others do not have it as well as her, maybe even polar opposite. To complain about not receiving the iPhone 6 would be a display of true lack of appreciation and no reflection on what is already in her possession. This conclusion helps Mariah realize, even more, how content and thankful she would be to be able to use this item at her disposal. If Mariah were to, in fact, receive the iPhone 6 as a new and improved upgrade, there would be frequent expressions of thanksgiving and satisfaction. You, as parents, will delight in the pleasure and happiness you have rewarded your hardworking student with by buying her the iPhone 6.

She would always be aware to keep her phone safe and in good condition. Along with appreciation comes responsibility and proper reasoning. Once Mariah has received the phone, she would immediately purchase a case and screen protector for it to keep it safe, secure from harm, for the most part. Careful handling is a key part in taking care of such gift from you two. Owning an item such as the iPhone 6 will help Mariah take into consideration and value the importance of money and how it is utilized in the everyday world. Being able to financially splurge on such an expensive piece of technology will help Mariah be more attentive to the fact that the state of the phone needs to stay exceptional, preferably mint condition as long as possible. Father, the money you work hard to receive should never be taken for granted or misused in any way.

Also, with the amount of memory storage Mariah would be receiving, it is only right to keep the iPhone 6 working and in good condition for as long as possible. Mariah has, fortunately, been able to use her iPhone 4S for roughly three year. How much more would I be able to own the iPhone 6 with 128GB? Responsibility and contentment play the biggest role in this request because even if you were not to comply with her request, she would have to be able to understand and accept the reasons behind the ultimate decision made. Capability, contentment, and responsibility. These are the qualities that will result in the purchase of the iPhone 6 for Mariah. She will be able to learn more, do more, and become more.

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