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I. Introduction
A lot of things are in demand today as technology flourishes and occupies most of peoples life. They go on about purchasing things to accommodate their needs even if the expenses are rather high. They tend to turn a blind eye on some of the atrocious prices just so they would acquire these things without even knowing the contents of the product itself. Since a great number is in need, mass production happens which somehow promotes use of synthetic materials to comply with the pace of manufacturing. One of these unbelievably high prices is printer inks. Although there are a fairly large number of printer ink shops, the product remains expensive. Turning to another prospect, what if the user, after using his incredibly permanent printer ink, finished printing his document and it happens that there was a tiny glitch on his paper? Definitely the user wouldnt want to print a new one seeing that he used a hefty amount of ink and he wouldnt want all of that go to waste. Here enters the study the researches wish to conduct.

II. Review of Related Literature
The review of the study focuses on the essential background information that aid in the process. Facts were gathered from books and the Internet as references in order to get the needed information for the study The article Plants That Have Ink Properties is by eHow contributor, Sienna Condy. In this she explains which plants have possible ink properties. Before synthetic ink, ink was primarily made from plant dyes, which you can still make today. Different plants produce different dye and ink colours, so be sure to choose a plant that produces a color you like before you make your ink. Other ingredients, like vinegar and arabic gum, should be added to most inks to make the compound last and stabilize. You can use a variety of different wood barks and wood hearts ” the inside of the tree ” to create brown, black or red inks. Oak bark, the inner bark of the white birch and the bark of the Colorado fir all create tan to dark brown ink once crushed and added to water or vinegar. The inside or heart of the logwood or Brazilwood creates a deep reddish ink.

For a fun, safe ink anyone can use, crush a few berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and a variety of other berry fruits are often used to create a wide range of ink colors, including red or blue. Berry inks should always be kept covered and sealed in a jar to keep them from growing mold or turning rancid. For more unusual colors, try flowers. Use hyacinth flowers to make a blue ink. Crush rose, lavender or hibiscus petals for a red or pink ink. Lilies of the valley, artemisa and snapdragons can all be used to create a wide range of greens from a pale shade to a darker forest shade. Marigolds, daffodils and dandelion create a bold yellow ink. Steep the flowers in boiling vinegar or let them sit for a while in the liquid to obtain the color you want. From, it gave an overview on how to create ink from petals. Botanical inks typically rely on materials containing tannin.

For centuries, ink-makers used the galls nestled in oak trees as a primary ingredient in black ink. The tannin-rich barks of dogwood and alder trees also yield quality, natural inks. While galls and barks achieve more intense, lasting inks than most flower-based inks, Egyptians achieved quality red ink with poppies. To make red poppy ink, use field poppies (Papaveraceae rhoeas). Produce ink either by mixing a liquid tea of fresh petals with alcohol, or by first drying and grinding flowers into a powdered pigment, then mixing the dry pigments with linseed oil. In the article, What Is the Effect of Vinegar on Permanent Markers? by Lucinda Harper, an eHow contributor, it explains why permanent marker stains can be easily fixed with vinegar and what materials can it clean. Vinegar is a powerful and natural solution for problems caused by permanent markers. As a stain remover, vinegar applied to permanent marker stains on fabric and hard surfaces will remove the stubborn stain. Vinegar is used as popular household cleaning remedy.

III. Research Problem/Objective
As we all know, our country is doing its part to save Mother Nature. Paper bags are used instead of plastic bags, encouraging renewable sources of power, and undergoing tree -planting activities. This is because we are trying to aware the people of the vast pollution that leads to more and more environmental issues. This experiment, although little and simple, can help reduce the growth of our problem. How? The most commonly used printer inks are petroleum based. This is because it is proven to dry faster, but the end does not always justify the means.

The alcohol content of the petroleum evaporates in a quick rate, but releases up to 30% of Volatile Organic Compounds, although crucial to the lives of plants, excess can cause prompt depletion of the atmosphere. Their printers also require cleaning using chemical solvents, resulting to toxic waste. This printer ink is organic, meaning it is made of almost or completely organic and natural ingredients. It uses vegetable oil instead of petroleum which makes it environmentally friendly. Also, unlike petroleum, vegetable is a renewable source. Although it takes a bit loaper, requiring less trees to be cut down and turned into paper. The ink is also cheaper for it is made with simple ingredients.

IV. Hypothesis

Null Hypothesis:
If inks are taken from plants that do not have ink properties then it would be most likely that the color that will be produced will be light or become of low quality since it lacks the presence of the usual composition from plants that do have ink properties to generate ink.

V. Significance of The Study
Most people think, since everything is done with the use of expensive technology nowadays, that it would be alright to buy high-rate products to cope with everyone. Because of this notion, they would not pay heed to the contents or potential positive benefits they might acquire from their products. The significance is just how one resourcefully utilizes the cheap, the natural abundance of nature, and the untiring quest to alternatives and remedies.

The research is important because with this experimentation, if it is a success, people can gain money for the economy in order for the country to prosper. And maybe, when the government gets the secrets behind this invention, the researchers will export these inks to other countries. As for the common people, they can make this ink as a source of livelihood and also to live to a better and greener future. It saves Mother Earth because fewer trees are cut because we can reuse the papers again and again, and less VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are sent to the atmosphere.

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