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Published: 2020-01-08 16:22:50
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1.1 Authorization
The report was commissioned by the ministry of environment and water resource. This report was submitted on 31 October 2012.

1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this report is to investigate the attitude of respondents toward energy conservation. It is also to help government to craft some strategies to change their attitude and able to know the skills of energy conservation. The report will make recommendations to help to craft some ideas.

1.3 Scope
The target groups of this report are household and foreign students who live in HDB flats. This report looks into a few of possible areas for the survey such as electric bill, family income and some theory questions. Results taken by respondents were also analyzed.

1.4 Background
The background of this report is Singaporean families are dismal toward energy conservation. There are many people do not save energy nowadays. Besides, there are more and more people less concern about saving energy. Those are the main reasons for doing this report.

1.5 Methodology
There are two types of data collections which are primary resource and secondary resource. This report has using questionnaires as a primary resource. There are two types of questions for the questionnaires and this report has using closed ended questions to do survey. Binary question, checklist, and multiple choices were choosing to use as the methods for this report. The questionnaires were issued to 20 respondents. In addition, this report also has using internet as a secondary resource. Internet was using for information research. It was searching for the background and problem of energy conservation nowadays, feedback from public, and also some references for this case by using internet.

1.6 Limitations
This report was limited to the answers and opinions from the respondents. When there is a theory question, some of the respondents gave some perfunctory answers. For those answers, they were hard to do analyzing. Lacking of time is also one of the limitations for this report. There is no enough time to get more information and also survey results. Furthermore, the attitude of respondents is also a limitation for this report. For example, some respondents were impatient when answering the questionnaires. However, the results were deemed sufficient to reveal enough findings to explain.

1.7 Report organization
Following the introduction section above, would be the findings section that analyzed the data and information gathered from the survey, questionnaires, and internet research. Subsequently, the report would show a conclusion based on the analysis of the findings. Finally, this report would offer some recommendations to help crafting strategies to coax the respondents to change their attitude toward energy conservation.

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