Interpreting the Phenomenology of Husserl Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Phenomenology, at its very root had tried to provide us an alternative view, perspective and a method in acknowledging and knowing things. At the very core, Phenomenology tried to contrast the scientific disciplines and all other attempts that fell short in providing us a clear and concise knowledge of things. As stated in Husserls statement, I exclude all sciences relating to this natural world no matter how firmly they stand¦ Phenomenology is aiming for a new set of method aside from those introduced by sciences and even philosophy in knowing the things and concepts of the outside world.

For this to be accomplished, Husserl and many other phenomenologists had tried to exclude the methods of science in their own methods. As stated, ¦as it is presented in one of those sciences as a truth about actualities of this world. I must not accept such a proposition. On this note, sciences are known for their sensual, (perception, auditory etc. ) inductive/deductive and generalizing tendencies of reasoning. Phenomenologists like Husserl undermine these kinds of method in discovering and knowing the objects of the world.

Rather than using mere senses, rules of logic and generalization in describing the things and objects of the world, Phenomenologists had embraced a systematic subjective and relative approach in knowing the things and concepts of the world. Husserl argued that things and objects reveal themselves to us. Their characteristics and definitions can be revealed and known to us by experiencing them at its very core. The experience that they are talking about is a rich kind of experience that range from perception, cognition, volition etc.

We can know things by experiencing them by their own and there is no need for us to ascribe and subscribe to the classic methods of production of knowledge like those we stated above. The phenomenologists embrace a very clear air of non-judgmentalism. They make sure that knowing and defining a particular object is not a result of a bias that is influenced by other experiences. The most important thing is to experience each thing by them alone. For Husserl, possessing such kind of mindset will enable the things and objects to reveal their selves to us for us to know and understand them.

With this set of statement of Husserl, we can see and feel a great resentment of the classic and conventional way of knowing and defining things. The usual way of producing knowledge had produce numerous shortfalls and shortcomings that convinced Phenomenologists like Husserl to look back and pick their selves from scratch and start a new method that will really able to capture the definition and structure of things. This method of knowing had provided a new life and put back the importance to the subjective person who experiences the things and objects first hand rather than learning or reading it from someone else.

Phenomenology of Husserl is a wave and school of thought in philosophy that attempted to rebuild the human experience and make it experience again in the very first place. Though sciences had produced us numerous innovations, we cannot simply deny its shortcomings. In this respect, this statement of Husserl is an attempt to go back there and know things as they are, as they reveals their selves to us. List of References Welton, Donn (1999) The Essential Husserl: Basic Writings in Transcendental Phenomenology. Indiana University Press [21 August 2010]

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