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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Struggle, struggle, struggle! We live in a time of conflict, external and internal. External conflict is a struggle between man and an outside force. Internal conflict is a struggle between man and self. Dealing with each conflict can be difficult, but theres always a way to deal with it nonetheless. Dealing with internal conflict can be more difficult because youre dealing with your own emotions and it can sometimes lead to depression. Dont push away your thoughts if you are dealing with internal conflict. Pushing away your thoughts would make the situation more intense. Think about ways you can manage it instead of pushing the thoughts away. It can help if you write the conflict down or dont let your mind fight itself. Dealing with external conflict is sometimes more simple. Effective listening is a way to deal with external conflict. Its important to listen and understand the other persons point of view. Effective listening doesnt always work out which is why communication is key. Its important to clearly communicate your own feelings without putting the other person on the defensive.

The conflicts I have dealt with in my life are mostly internal. I try my best to keep my problems within myself so that the conflict Im dealing with doesnt become another persons problem. I wouldnt want an internal conflict to become an external conflict, so I manage my problems myself. Growing up, Ive always found it difficult to choose between one choice and the other. My most common line Ive used is It doesnt matter. I have always been scared of choosing one thing and having it become the wrong choice. Even up to now, I still use that line. I know its going to become a problem. Real soon, I would have to stop using that line and start making choices myself. The choices I have to choose from could be as little as which flavor of ice cream I want to as big as choosing when I want to start driving classes. I have to stop having other people choose for me and start choosing for myself because one day, its going to become an even bigger problem.

Other than that, if something personal were really hitting me hard, I would draw or read just to get through the problem. I would most likely read to escape reality because being in the books world is a place I would rather be in at that moment. I rarely deal with external conflict. When I do, I take it really hard because I havent dealt with much external conflict in my life. I try my best to be a good person and prevent myself into getting into situations with another person. If I were ever dealing with external conflict, it would most likely be a disagreement with another person. Im that person who stands their ground. If I had an opinion or a chance to prove someone wrong, I would. Its not about being right; its about preventing another person into believing something else when its wrong. Yes, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but sometimes that opinion of something is not right.

I have a lot of patience, so I wouldnt snap at someone right when theres a disagreement. If someone were really getting on my nerves, I would stand my ground. I would say what I have to say then stop and walk away because sometimes, its just not worth it. One external conflict I always have to deal with is plain and simple, my brother. I have three older brothers, but one specific brother of mine is a complete nuisance. We fight on a daily basis and sometimes standing my ground isnt even worth it. One night, we had a disagreement on school. My brother believes that school is a waste of time and being book smart is not as beneficial as having common sense. He says that being book smart isnt going to get you anywhere in life and that common sense will make you more successful. I disagree with him completely because nowadays, you need an education to have a successful life.

I just want to prove to him that Im not going to be a failure and striving to do my best is going to pay off. Everyone is going to have to encounter a conflict in his or her life. Nobodys perfect and everyones different so theres always going to be problems. Conflict isnt a bad thing. The only kind of bad conflict is unresolved conflict. Getting through a conflict will make you stronger and youll be able to conquer life more successfully. Internal conflict is harder to deal with in my own opinion because with internal conflict, no one can help you but yourself. You can get help to deal with an internal conflict, but at the end of the day, its up to yourself to get through the problem.

When it comes to external conflict, there will always have someone who has your back and will help you out, which is why internal conflict is worst. One conflict can become stronger than the other if you are better at handling one conflict and getting past it than the other. The best ways to deal with internal conflict is to talk about the problem or do something to get your mind off it. The best ways to deal with external conflict is think about a way to solve the conflict without making it worst, walk away, or once again, do something to get your mind off it. One little tip, attitude will only make the conflict worst. Conflict is inevitable and its needed. Conflict develops a character. If there werent conflict in the world, life would be a bore.

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