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The proposal aims to design the interface of Ortak jewellery store. The major production which the store offers includes the following items: earrings, rings, bracelets, necklets, charms, brooches, tie tacks, and others. The aim of this design of the Ortak jewellery electronic shop is to make a multi-layered or levelled multimedia system that allows seeking out different paths that best correspond to their levels of previous knowledge, as well as their dynamically changing levels of knowledge and understanding gained as they proceed through the multimedia product.

(Grace-Martin, 2001, p. 97). The task of creating users profile for the website of the jewellery shop is very challenging because there are 2 major groups of customers who will be using the services of the electronic shop. The designer needs to address the interests of both groups and make sure they are motivated to purchase the products of the store. The first group of users includes young girls and professional women of age 16-45. They are interested in jewellery which Ortak jewellery store offers and they often use Internet for various purposes.

This group of users has a very good idea about the products which jewellery stores usually offer and is able to choose their favourite items from the large selection. They are concerned about the quality of jewellery which they are buying (women of 30-45 years old), its price and possible discounts (women younger than 30). This type of users will get attracted to the products which are offered on the website if the following issues are taken into consideration: o         the design of the electronic shop is bright enough; o         the selection of the items which are being offered is wide;

o          the user is able to get a good view of the product which is being purchased and read about all of its characteristics; o       the website can be easily located and found through the most popular search engines; o            the purchase process is convenient. The most important issue which needs to be addressed by the designer to attract this group of customers is the users ability to browse through all of the products which are being offered by the store. They need a wide selection in order to make a choice for this particular store.

The second group of users which the electronic shop is going to aim is the group of people who are looking for presents for their friends, wives, sisters, mothers etc. on Internet. Among this group of users, there are very many men because they might be shy going to jewellery stores or they might have no time for that. Women rarely look for presents for their friends on Internet because they would prefer to go shopping in the store in order to have a better idea of the present. That is why, it is necessary to consider men as very important consumers of the stores products.

This group of customers includes a large number of Internet users; therefore, it is very important for the website designer to address these users needs. Due to the fact that men do not usually have very good knowledge of jewellery and they would like to have maximum tips for finding a good present, the design of the shop has to take into consideration the following issues: o    maximum convenience of purchase process; o       special section for presents search with tips which can be helpful for men looking for a present; o wide range of items;

o          flexibility of prices. There is currently no available full information and statistics about the targeted segments of customers who are purchasing the products of Ortak jewellery store online. It is possible to make conclusions about the sales of other jewellery stores and the groups of users who access their websites most frequently. However, this information only shows the average targeted groups in the industry and thus it is necessary for the designer to obtain not only secondary information but also primary information.

The interface of the company is going to be built in such a way that people, who are acquainted with the companys production, are able to obtain additional information about its services. Those who have never come across the proposed brand will also be able to get enough information about it. The text on the website needs to be very impressive for the audience. It is necessary for the designer to develop a couple of messages which would immediately attract the attention of the consumer.

However, the creation of such messages is one of the most difficult tasks in e-marketing. One of the companies in our sample tried out more than 500 different styles of on-line messages to find the optimal marketing approaches for a number of different situations (Vikas et al, 2001, p. 32). The company also needs to ensure that people are able to choose languages in which to read the information in the website. The electronic shop needs to have the interface which will appeal to the interests of the people looking at it on Internet and be very convenient for their use.

Therefore, the major features of the interface are going to be simplicity and emphasize on the demonstration of the products characteristics and attractive feature. The development of the electronic shop for Ortak jewellery store has to be based on the principal of the secondary role of interface after the services which it is offering. The interface in this electronic shop should only be the way to bring information to the customer. It needs to be organized in such a way that maximum flexibility is given to the customer when looking for products. No unnecessary information should be given for maximum convenience.

A software interface serves as a crucial liaison among the consumer and the content which he would like to become familiar with. It is very important for Ortak jewellery store electronic shop to reduce cognitive burden for software applications by making instruments connected to the software interface. Just as software application is an instrument of giving information to the consumer, the multimedia applications also serve as a means of giving the message to the customer who attends the electronic workshop. The existing websites catering for the same types of users do not offer all of the major services which users need.

For example, current website of Ortak jewellery store (as well as other websites of companies in the industry) does not offer any messages which would immediately catch the attention of the user. People see a large variety of products but they have a hard time choosing. There are no hints for users looking for presents on the web concerning the top items they could purchase. The websites are not personalized enough. Another issue which needs to be addressed but does not get addressed in most websites of this type is absence of multi-language support.

Both categories of users who will be locating the website need multi-language support (English, French, German, and Spanish) in order to attract users from overseas.

Bibliography. 1. Grace-Martin Michael. How to Design Educational Multimedia: A Loaded Question. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia. Volume: 10. Issue: 4. 2001. 2. Fournier, S. Consumers and Their Brands, Journal of Consumer Research, (March), 1998, p. 355. 3. Vikas Agrawal, Arjona Luis D. , Lemmens Ron (2001). E-Performance: The Path to Rational Exuberance. The McKinsey Quarterly.

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