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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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The shop should be kept free from spills and the items in the aisles should be properly arranged accordingly at all times. These are to ensure that customers have ease of access to the shop items and that the employees can easily locate the specific aisles for inspection and other maintenance needs. It is important to provide ease of access to the shop items to the customers so that they will be able to find what they need, thereby increasing the purchases and sales of the grocery.

Likewise, proper sanitation standards require that the grocery should be free from spills so that the customers will not be discouraged to visit the grocery as frequent as they wish and that they will not face the risk of slipping due to the hazard posed by floor spills. Since spills also make aisle management difficult for the stores employees, an effective aisle management can be within reach if aisles are kept free from spills. To further enhance routine checks and handling aisle spills, the following sections should be followed: Section 1. Scheduled routine checks a.

The Assistant Floor Manager is required to check the aisles at least once every two (2) hours. The Assistant Floor Manager is also expected to make daily logs concerning the management of the aisles which will then be submitted to the Floor Manager at the end of the Assistant Floor Managers shift. b. The Floor Manager is required to assign employees to look after specific aisles for the duration of their store duty. The Floor Manager is also required to routinely check the aisles at least once every six (6) hours and to ask for reports from the Assistant Floor Manager before ending the latters shift.

c. Every employee assigned to specific aisles is expected for the duration of their store duties to ensure that their designated aisles are free from obstruction and that the items in the gondolas are neatly arranged. d. Every employee assigned to a specific aisle is likewise instructed to report to the Assistant Floor Manager the condition of the aisles before the end of their store duties. Each employee is required to conduct a thorough inspection of the condition of the gondola shelves and the items; the result will be forwarded to the Assistant Floor Manager. Section 2.

Handling a spill a. In the event of floor spills in the aisles, the assigned employee for the respective aisle is required to report immediately to the Assistant Floor Manager. While the employee is reporting to the Assistant Floor Manager, the employee assigned to the next aisle is required to look after the aisle with the spill other than his or her designated aisle. b. With the exception of the employee assigned to the aisle next to the spilled aisle, all employees designated to other aisles are required to remain in their posts so as not to overcrowd the place. c.

The Assistant Floor Manager is required to report to the aisle with the spill and to delegate specific tasks. The employee assigned to aisle is expected to handle the spill and to return the aisle back to its normal condition with the guidance of the Assistant Floor Manager. d. If there are broken gondola shelves, the employees in the maintenance department are expected to fix the gondolas immediately in the aisle. If the broken gondola requires general repair which may take several hours to a few days, the maintenance team should replace it with a spare gondola as soon as possible. e.

All clean-up of aisle spills should not exceed ten (10) minutes so that the customers will immediately have access to the items in the aisle the soonest time possible. Spilled products are to be isolated so that any items that can still be returned to the shelves can be identified and the items that should be disposed can be addressed accordingly. f. The Assistant Floor Manager is required to make a report on the spill which will include the reasons of the spill and the measures taken. The report will be forwarded to the Floor Manager who will then decide proper courses of action in order to prevent future instances of aisle spills. g.

The Floor Manager will immediately report to the Store Manager and discuss the details of the spill. Section 3. Informing the Customers a. In the event of spills, the Store Manager is required to issue an in-store announcement to the customers and to the employees either through a printed note posted in visible areas of the store or through the in-store speakers as soon as possible. The announcement should include the following: 1. The specific aisle with the spill. 2. The alternative aisles that the customers can go to in looking for the items that they need. 3. The time that the aisle is expected to be returned to its normal condition.

b. Employees in their designated aisles are required to inform new customers about the spilled aisle. They are also required to assist the new customers by informing them where the alternate gondola shelves are located and where the other items in the spilled aisles are temporarily transferred. Section 4. Neglect and Corresponding Actions a. Employees who fail to comply with the requirements stated herein are advised to take additional retraining. The Store Manager can take additional actions with regard to the performance of the employees in cases of aisle spills in order to ensure that future spills can be prevented.

b. The Team Leader of the employees will handle the retraining of the concerned employees under the supervision of the Floor Manager. c. The retraining of the concerned employees will run from a minimum of three (3) days to a maximum of two (2) weeks. During the retraining process, the Team Leader will keep a log of the performance of the employees. At the end of the retraining session, the Team Leader will submit the report logs to the Floor Manager. The Floor Manager is then required to submit his or her comments and recommendations to the Store Manager.

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