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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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We all like to have a good time. Whether it is with our friends, significant others, or our families, we all need to relax. Being a young adult myself I have learned to make wiser decisions about my party time based on prior experiences.

After having gone to the clubs, the bars, the pool halls, and the raves I now know that where the real party is at is inside the comfort of your own home where you are the one in control and are not subject to some of the expenses that going out can bring. I think the biggest two aspects that I have to decide between now in my life is going out to dinner and a movie versus hanging out with the same people at the house.

Being in control means not getting yourself into predicaments that you normally wouldnt put yourself in. The first predicament I can think of putting myself in when going out is my money situation. Being the young person that I am I have not been given the opportunity yet in my life to be making the mega bucks.

Thirty to Forty dollars a night to go to dinner and a movie may not seem like much to some, but for someone who makes on average two-hundred dollars a week and has some hefty bills to pay, thats a big deal. Why would someone want to go out, spend twenty dollars on dinner then $8.50 per person on a movie when they could just as easily stay home rent a movie for about $4.00 for everyone to watch, and cook a meal that cost twenty dollars to feed everyone?

On the other hand, when you do go out, although you do spend a little more, it is also a less time-consuming process and easier on the host or hostess. Instead of having to go to the store to get the ingredients for dinner, going to rent a movie then coming home and preparing dinner, you instead just scout from place to place and do what you have to do. Also, going to a restaurant can be a little relaxing from time to time because you have someone to serve you and you have nothing to worry about but basking in good conversation.

There is no mess to pick up or dishes to do once the dinner is over. Another advantage would be that at the theater there is a bigger screen. Im not too sure if bigger is better to everyone, but I do enjoy a good theater flick from time to time on those oversized screens. Also, when in the theater you get to savor the rich buttery popcorn that only the theater can provide, although it costs another pretty penny.

Another great advantage to staying in is the people. Its such a good time when you have people who are appreciative of you as their host or hostess. Renting a good film and serving a fabulous meal is the epitome of a good night for me and my family and friends.

Be it a nice southern barbeque dinner or fancy chicken cordon bleu that I prepare, it seems as though my guests always feel satisfied. It makes a person feel good and is often times relaxing to realize that something theyre doing brings joy to others. To know that you are the one that put the smile on their face or the one who made sure they had a good day is an awesome feeling. Not many other feelings top that one for me.

Whether you stay in or go out be sure to relax and have a good time. Thats really what being with the ones you love and care about is all about. Make sure to mix things up a bit so that it doesnt get too monogamous staying in. Also when going out make sure to take just enough money that you can afford to spend or youll wind up broke until pay day. Whatever it is that you do, make sure it is not stressful. Remember, having fun means relaxing, no matter how you do it.

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