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Published: 2020-02-13 12:32:51
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The dynamic changes in information technology has advocated for nurses highly qualified in nursing informatics. This paper discusses some barricades allied to the employment of essential Nursing Informatics competencies into undergraduate nursing websites. Introduction Information Literacy is the set of skills needed to discover, repossess, evaluate, and use information. The Changes in information technology have led to new changes in the way nurses operate on patients. These nurses have to undergo various competencies.

This paper discusses the changes and the required competencies. Discussion Information literacy is important in the nursing researches and practical working with the nursing informatics equipment. It is not just for students to learn but for practicing nurses and other healthcare practitioners as well. The practice of nursing in which the nurse makes medical decisions based on the best existing research proof, his or her own clinical expertise, and the needs and inclinations of the patient is referred to as evident based nursing.

The nurses should learn to practice Information system to design and maintain their healthcare information. For instance, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant or Patient Data) could allow nursing scholars to access various decision support systems that would offer them with professional guidance relating to specific care and treatment matters at their patients bedsides. There are various sources where one can learn about information literacy and find ideas about relationship between them.

These include the website, libraries, journals, electronic full-text for nursing, that is, books, journals, virtual libraries, other articles and databases. To evaluating a website containing medical records, determine the website goal; discover the website objectives; website content description, evaluation questions, sources of evaluation data, methods of data collection. The steps performed are performed systematically. First and foremost, find out if the results have been reproduced in other research laboratory or by other scholars.

Next step involves an attempt to conclude the studys credibility. Look keenly at the material of study that is, if investigators essentially compare two sets of topics or did they just make observations? If a control was used were the group results comparable? Evaluate the criteria used to conclude this study. Consider the modification and duration of the study. The next step is to look at the conclusions. Consider if they are warranted by the evidence. If one cant find useful solutions in the website, then it is time to address some questions like: does one have to take illegalized results?

How does one know that the product in question is the right one? If the product is or could be the right one, then, what guarantees this? Moreover one must to know more information on the product. Any information that is relevant should be taken into account. If the person still decides to take the product, he or she should be sure to tell the doctor who can make observation on the side effect about the product. Conclusion Nursing informatics is very important in todays dynamic technological application.

It is very important for nursing professionals to have the knowledge of nursing informatics as this will help them to participate fully in the technology enabled nursing. References Pilarski, T. (Fall, 2010). Where is Nursing Informatics in Undergraduate Nursing Education? CJNI: Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 5 (4), Article Two. http://cjni. net/journal/? p=1041. Nightingale F. Notes on nursing what it is and is not. London: Churchill Livingstone, 1946. (First published in 1859) http://www. ala. org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/issues/infolit/overview/intro/index. cfm.

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