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Published: 2020-02-13 04:50:26
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This week we are looking forward to successful two day training with your staff. The objective is to successfully convert the United States Army Medical Department from EMR to AHLTA. There are trainers that are set in place to ensure that the staff receives their full attention and that they also feel comfortable with the software. The outcome of this would be to have the ability to easily communicate electronically regarding patients and is up to date with todays advanced technology which will allow the compliance with government standards as well as high reimbursement for every office.

While being trained the staff should feel very comfortable when working with the software and to ensure that this happens a questionnaire is given for feedback. In order to get prepared for the training class, there is an updated list of things that are on the schedule that are to be reviewed with the staff. I there are any changes that come about they should be made as soon as possible.

In order to make sure that the meeting will offer a successful transition, communication is very important for all offices so stakeholders are alert and ready for the upcoming dealings. In order to get everything settled their will be daily meeting that will be set up via the web and at a landline location for those that are able to attend. Schedules for each provider and their staff should eventually be shortened to accommodate training and mandatory attendance should be enforced.

A checklist will be provided for each office with the necessary materials needed for the conversion and information regarding government policies. Tentative Schedule * Employees will arrive in Atlanta (Hartsfield Inter. Airport) @ approximately 8:00am * Shuttle will bring all employees to Hyatt (we have a contract with this hotel) * Employees will be served continental breakfast before the training @ 9:00am on both days * Translators are available for those that request it * Conference rooms are on the first floor Training on both days will end at approximately 4:30pm

* Lunch will be serviced, Dinner is not in the budget room service and taxi service are available @ employees expense * Trainers will watch every user to make sure that they fill comfortable and a short quiz will be given on the second day to ensure this course is understood and if not then further training can be offered * Shuttle buses will be available the morning after the last training class to transport employees to Atlanta (Hartsfield Inter. Airport). There are different times being offered, please make sure that each employee is aware of the departure times so they arrive one or two hours before their plane is set to leave The companys plans are that each employee has a successful training class as well as a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Once the two day training ends a questionnaire/survey will be mailed out for feedback. These forms are completely anonyms if you chose to take it. Thank you in advance for your corporation in this matter. For your review a preliminary budget for the 2 day training classes is provided. The budget and the schedule are subject to change. They are in the excel format using the Grantt chart.

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