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Published: 2020-02-14 23:20:03
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I have noticed that use of laptops have been increased in our university specially in computer science department as, almost every student got his own laptop from Shahbaz Shareef laptop scheme .It has some disadvantages in addition to advantages.


1) Internet by having access to the internet, you are then enabled to come up with past course material on the spot .

2) Notes you are also likely to find that the notes that you make are clearer, and can obviously save you time and effort when they might need to be edited for corrections rather than having to be completely re-drafted.

3) Mobility as all the information is , the actual amount of stuff you have to carry in and out of lectures can be significantly reduced as most of what you have come up with has been typed up on the laptop and isnt in an ever growing folder that has to be lugged about.

4) Tools with the laptop you have been provided with a numerous amount of tools from on the spot calculators, and then with the internet your laptop provides you with thousands more.

5) Searching when you have typed up information it is rather simple to find the exact notes you are looking for, where as when you are faced with paper it is often difficult (unless you have organised them well, which is time consuming in itself) to find quickly what you are after.


1) Internet although I have mentioned this in the advantages for using a laptop in university lectures, it could also potentially be your biggest disadvantage also. If you are easily distracted, the laptop will be a very tempting source to just check social networking sites, email, play games.

2) Type Speed another issue is the speed of your note taking, are you faster writing notes or are you faster typing notes. If it is the former it is probably best you stay to pen and paper, as lectures need you to write fast in some circumstances.

3)Usefulness although the laptop could potentially be extremely useful to you in a lecture, sometimes it is best just to use your hand and draw diagrams out. Personally, I find that math and quantitative lectures that require diagrams, I will go and take notes by hand.

4) Laptop Breaks if you havent backed up all your material on to a separate memory platform, you could potentially lose all your notes that you have made, or at least the ones being made in this lecture (if it were to break in the lecture).

5) Suitability sometimes the laptop simply isnt functional and can be awkward to use due to the limited space available in the lecture room.

CONCLUSIONS: However, that is only my own personal opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of using a laptop for university lectures, but you will soon get a feel if using a laptop is right for you or not.

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