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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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Review the article Physical activity and sedentary activity patterns among children and adolescents: A latent class analysis approach for this assignment. As individuals and families spend more time in front of televisions, playing video games, surfing the internet, etc., incidence and prevalence rates of overweight and obese people in throughout the world increase. Based on the article, describe family, community, and school level strategies you would use in planning an obesity prevention program. The following items in particular will be assessed:

1. Identify two specific strategies (family, community, or school level) you would use to plan an obesity prevention program. Include evidence-based information as to why you believe these strategies will be the best ones to use.

2. In your opinion, when should obesity prevention start? What should be the ideal age to start obesity prevention, knowing that lifestyle has a great impact on whether individuals will become obese?

3. Provide empirical evidence to support your position as to when obesity prevention should start. Make sure to cite your sources. Introduction Studies of the health behavior of healthy individuals and families are closely correlated since without the support of a family, an individual would not prosper in healthy behaviors. This example hit close to home since there was someone at home always trying to gear my brother, sister, and myself in the right way. This might not be the case for other families and they might have different types of issues that are involved in the studies of health behavior of individuals and families. Human behavior plays a central role in the maintenance of health and the prevention of disease.

Issues Involved

Some of the issues involved in the studies of the health behavior of healthy individuals and families are the different strategies for establishing healthy eating habits in children and adolescents might be quite ineffective for changing maladaptive eating behaviors. This seems to be a major issue with families of all types of financial background. The majority of individuals that lack the monetary resource to buy healthier food choices seem to be at riskiest end. Also, maintaining a particular behavior over time might require different strategies than will establishing behavior.

Studies Accomplished/Reasons they are Important

Studies can be accomplished through different age groups and addressing certain behaviors cues associated with healthy families and individuals. For example, one might ask a teenage group if they have ever tried smoking or drinking. From this study, they can find out information concerning the individual behavior and why it is not conducive to healthy family behaviors. Two examples of studies accomplished from the reading are classical conditioning and operant-conditioning which each has its own way of learning behaviors. For example, classical conditioning modifies behavior by repeatedly pairing a neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus that elicits the desired response. This type of learning behavior is important it allows the studies to see what mechanisms triggers different people to behave a certain way.

One of the most famous classical conditioning was taught in a previous class that mentioned the salivation of dog in response to a bell being rung. The reason behind this was that every time individual brought in food for the dog, they would ring a bell. Later, they found out that just the ringing alone would set of excitement in the dog. This is important because we find out what triggers an individuals happiness and with little help, their behavior can be geared towards a healthier one. In individuals, if someone is praised on how well they look and that they are maintaining their bodies well, the compliments alone can trigger an individual to want more praises, thus maintaining a great physique.

The second type of study conducted was the operant-conditioning which builds on classical conditioning and focuses on the hypothesis that the frequency of a behavior is determined by its consequences. One example would be that of rewards for positive behavior as well as decreasing behavior from punishment. If an individual, gets praises for cleaning their room and is told that if they discontinue cleaning their room, they will make their parents disappointed, that individual might not want the negative responses thus making them decrease their negative behaviors.

Contribution to Existing Knowledge

These studies contribute to the existing knowledge by showing us that health behaviors can be changed by the way we treat each other. Also, with the studies, we are able to see how an individuals health behavior can be controlled by praises and can also eliminate negative behavior by adding negative consequences.

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