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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Unstructured Interviews are a method of interviews where questions can be twisted or adapted to meet the interviewee intelligence, understanding or belief. They do not offer a limited, pre-set range of answers for a respondent to choose from as by structured interviews, but instead like listening to how each individual person responds to the question. The emphasis here is on acquiring deep knowledge and authenticity of peoples life experiences (Gubrium and Holstein, 2001) . Unstructured Interviews have a lot of set backs as compared with structured interviews, which make this stlye invalid and unreliable,some of these are ; .

Unstructured interviews are time consuming as the conversation can go on and on,there is interviewer effect, this is when the interviewee answer is effected by the interviewer presence of the due to either his/her race, ethnicity, colour, or answer to certain questions, the information collected is prone to digression and much of the data collected could be unnecessary,unstructured interviews are usually small scale so it is hard to generalise with the results as only a small number of the interviewees can be interviewed, data collected is hard to categorise as there is likely to be a variety of different answers, coding will require more work when choosing categories for the respondents.

Unstructured interviews has continued to be used by many employers since the data collect is said to be valid as it is an exact account of what the interviewee has said, the interviewer can also find out important information which didnt seem relevant before the interview and ask the interviewee to go further into the new topic,unstructured interviews are also more suitable for sensitive subjects such as domestic violence (http://en. wikipedia. org ) as many people would lie in a more formal interview and also their answer may not be on the preset questioner . Often, the subject matter is personal, intimate and emotional, and the objective is to achieve some kind of deep disclosure (Johnson, 2001) In general structure or unstructured interviews depend wholely on the the interviewer


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