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Published: 2020-02-25 04:10:14
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Many forms of human-computer interaction can be viewed as problem- solving activities, Interaction design is becoming more challenging because of advances in technology for example mobile phones are increasingly having more and more affect on our lives. Mobile communication Despite massive investments in the mobile phone industry, the majority of consumers still use their mobile phones for calls and texts only.

Many new mobile phones feature a camera which is a massive upgrade for the mobile phone, I expect many users use the camera or take and send pictures to friends and family. However it is a low percentage of users who actually e-mail from their mobile phone or access the Internet. Mobile phones have played a massive part on peoples lives recently because of the new advanced features many phones have, they have massively disrupted our lives and for many of us are now a dependency during our lives.

Mobile phones usability has changed dramatically since they were first developed this has been shown easily, as before people were only able to make calls which had not so good or inconclusive reception, they were massive and were difficult to keep mobile now however phones are of a hand held size which include many features such as excel, word and even a dictionary to correct spelling mistakes. We are able to access the internet listen to mp4 tracks and even in some places of the world buying products from vending machines using our phones.

Looking at the time it took to develop these phones it was actually done in a incredible manner as it was done so quickly and the fact that the phones are now capable to do amazing things is only another advantage to the companies developing the phones. There were some errors in the development of mobile phones as for a while whether it was in the prototyping stage or the development here are some prototyping errors which may have occurred. Technology changes society.

May it be because of cars, guns, skyscrapers and even robots all have made a massive difference to the way we work, live and play? Computer technology is accelerating the change of our lives and raising whole new issues society has to tackle many of these may not even be logical? Sure it means that the machines do things we dont want to or cant do however is it an ethical approach? It stretches the limits of the law for example if you steal someones virtual money in a virtual world/ game are you a still labeled a thief?

Should it be made possible? In the ever changing world what would happen if these things became true. It is having a massive impact on our society and in some circumstances even our culture. Command line interfaces using bias or GUI Command line interface is the most difficult to use this is because it involves using codes and technical terms. There has been an advancement The command line workspace contains both the cubit command and error windows. The command window is used to enter cubit commands and view the output.

The error window is used to view cubit errors. A CLI (command line interface) is a user interface to a computers operating system or an application in which the user responds to a visual prompt by typing in a command on a specified line, receives a response back from the system, and then enters another command, and so forth. The MS-DOS Prompt application in a Windows operating system is an example of the provision of a command line interface. How is HCI affecting economy?

HCI is affecting or economy massively in many ways for example banking is only one of the affects computers now have with humans for example, we now have computerised ways of depositing our money into the bank, this is often known as the faster more efficient way as because of this the money is credited to our accounts straight away however when it is done manually the process may take up to 3 days. It has massive affects on the way we live because without the interaction many of us now would not be able to cope. How is HCI affecting our culture?

Software products have a hold over many different people which include members of different countries, religions, and cultures. People who speak different languages, have different perceptions, and have different life styles and expectations. Culture influences not only interface design but also the design methods which are incorporated in buildings. Usability methods might be influenced by the culture of the employees for example if the employee is in a rich expensive culture and around more economically better off people the human computer interaction will be used more frequently and with a further extent.

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