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Published: 2019-10-10 05:32:33
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There are many ways in which movies or films may become art. Art can be expressed through color, angles, character development, plot, even scenery; or all of these combined. In the movie Il Postino there is a certain art of the film which allows the viewer to become part of the story, to fall in love as the characters fall in love, through the expression of words and moments.

It is through this part of the film, the expression of love in its diverse and dynamic multidimensional forms that the viewer is allowed to partake in the film, be hypnotized with the characters and it is this that makes Il Postino an art film. In the way in which the main character Mario lives, in his final act of love for the poet Neruda is found the art of the film. It is not because the film is about poetry that makes Il Postino an art film but rather is it how the characters embrace their own personalities, their own loves and destinies that transforms the film from one of typical romance into great romance.

The transformation of these two protagonists is the center of making this film art. Their responses to one another, their paradigm of poetry and love of life allow the viewer that voyeuristic look into the characters reality. This is what art does, this is why the movie is art. Even the final act of Beatrice giving Neruda Marios tape recorder is an act of poetry, a final salute the two friends past.

Art in film, or a film that is art, is not necessary pre-ordained to fulfill the role of art, but rather it is through the impression that the viewer is left with that allows the film to transform the viewer, to allow the viewer a chance to truly see beauty in a rare form. Il Postino permits the audience to fall in love with life again with Mario, and then to have their hearts mended when Neruda returns to the island and receives Marios tape recorder. It is this investment of the audience with the film that is also art. Work Cited Il Postino. Blue Dahlia Productions. 1994.

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