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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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If I can be another person in a day, well, there could be a lot of people to choose from. Practically, I may choose to be the richest person, to be the most powerful one”may be a royalty or a president, or to be the most gorgeous movie star. The opportunity is very delightful and should be thought upon. I want to be Paolo Coelho in a day. It might be atypical why I chose to be a Brazilian writer. His works are a great contribution to mankind. I wanted to be him for a day for these reasons. First, he is simple, happy and contented with his life. Also, he has become the person he dreamt to be.

Lastly, his books were an instrument for changing people for the better. People today are very materialistic and everything is just about money. We work to be rich and save up enough funds for a comfortable life when we get old. But, let us think first whether we are happy with what we are doing. Do we love our job or are just sustaining to be in it because we need the salary to survive? For Coelho, he has already discerned how to achieve inner and genuine joy. He lived up his life according to his dreams and tried to be simple by sharing his blessings. By that, he was contented and happy.

Many of us today seemed to be like robots”we follow a pattern that society has been following through the years. We are born, go to school, graduate and find a job, marry and bear a child, get old and eventually die. Within these stages, some were not able to be what they wanted to be. May be it has been diverted with these phases of life. But for Coelho, he was not afraid to take risks and play with life. At the end of the day, he reached the peak of the mountain he was climbing. All of us have respective mountains to climb up on, and at least before we die we should have reached there.

A saying goes, Life is worth living if we live for others. You may have all the riches in the world, but this will not guarantee deep and genuine happiness. Happiness and fulfillment is attained upon helping others; to become a vessel for other peoples upturn and improvement. Coelho wrote books to fulfill his dreams and at the same time, with his talent he helped others by creating inspirational books. I myself, together with so many people have been considerably changed by this writer. He shares his experiences and tells the lessons he learned.

I believe that a person has to be for others, for others to be for him. That is it. I have lived to be a Paulo Coelho for day. It was wonderful to be him”even just for a short time. But we should not forget that we have our own self”waiting to be nurtured and cultivated by us. We are not born to follow what other successful people have done, but to create our own path. We are to learn how they made their paths, but not to travel within it. We are to pave our way with sweat and tears. At the end, when we die, we had made our marks and be remembered forever.

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