I Never Worry About the Future Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:35:48
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Albert Einstein Some people are trying to live a carefree life, they say that they go with the flow and are not preoccupied with the future. Others think about tomorrow and the day after it so much they are constantly under stress. So which is better, to worry or not to worry about the days which are ahead of us? Planning our days in advanced is somehow necessary these days. Our world is spinning so fast that one has to know what he is doing or he ends up doing nothing. Good example of that is choosing which school or even more important, which university to enrol in.

When doing that we have to consider our interests as well as which occupations can our future degree provide us. When enrolled into a school we have to study in order to have good grades or we just might not end up having expected degree and doing the job we wanted. Therefore thinking about future is good when it keeps us trying hard to achieve our goals. On the other hand being concerned about what might happen has bad affects on our health and attitude. Few days before the exam of which results may have an impact on their future, some people are so worried that their immune system does not function as it should and they become ill.

What is more, stress can also enable their abilities to learn and concentrate. And last but not least because of constantly worrying those people can express their frustrations with yelling on others and their relationship with them can get worse. To conclude I would like to state that thinking and worrying about the future is something that we all do, some less, others more. The important thing is that worries do not affect on our lives so much that we cannot enjoy the moment we are living in but are still present enough to force us try and make our dreams come true.

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