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Doors and windows -It is suggested to use wooden door and window frames instead of concrete or steel. Framing Timber framing -naturally sound insulated -strong structure -construction times are less Recycled steel framing -Its easy to use when contractors are building your house -less framing material compared to wood but will still be the same structure if you used wood. -Walls, roof and ceilings will not change due to the weather changes -they do not rot, absorb moisture or create mould -resistant against termites Roofing Cool roofing -once the product is painted onto your roof the sun is reflected away. it can be painted on wood, concrete, plaster, metal and glass. -when its hot it is preferred that you wear white instead of black, cool roofing is where it reflects the sun and stays cooler because its a white colour -cost more than normal roofing but once it starts to work it lowers your bill. -having the roof that you probably have on your house now can reach temperatures of over 70 degrees storing more heat into your house, cool roofings temperature only goes to 20-35 degrees at most without insulation leaving your house cooler and saving you from paying heavy cooling bills. Authentic roof made from recycled materials -been said that its virtually unbreakable -they are extremely light weight -has UV protection which stops it from fading -contains no toxin materials

Roof tiles -colour will not fade, rust or corrode -are a natural thermal insulator. In winter they keep the cold air out and the heat in. In summer they keep the heat out and cold in -natural sound insulator -they are heat resistance; therefore they provide protection against bush fires -made with naturally occurring clay which can be recycled into new clay tiles and bricks Insulation Spray foam insulation -75% noise reduction reduces mould and condensation growth -saves on electricity bills Structural insulation panels -50% more energy efficient -40% less construction time -the core of the panels is made of Expanded Polystyrene which is made from using a low-environmental process which means it does not contain any major carbons. The Oriented Strand Board which is an engineered wood product is made from harvesting a fast growing crop forest which makes the materials renewable and sustainable. -fire resistant -can be used for floors, foundations and basements -bricks and stone can be installed on the panels SIPs are also used as walls although you can put stone, or brick over the top of it.

There is no need for painting as SIPs come in a range of colour. recycled denim -made from old jeans that have been cleaned, stripped and covered in boric acid which is mould, fire and insect resistant -doesnt contain any throat or skin irritations -creates a greater sound barrier -its 100% recyclable -requires small amount of energy to manufacture -doesnt itch and easy to handle -when the insulation gets wet its manufactured to breathe and release the moisture. Also contains active mould inhibitors recycled paper 100% recyclable -takes 10 times less energy to produce than half of the other insulation -non-corrosive -doesnt support mould or fungus growth -it reduces overheating and overcooling also good for sound insulation Heating/cooling Solar smart breeze -collects solar energy from under a tile or timber roof and cools the house in summer and heats it in winter Spilt system -energy efficient when compared to portable and window air conditioners Hydronic heating -uses radiant warmth. Evaporative cooling -uses natural air Smartbreeze -reduces 40% greenhouse gases -saves energy and electricity bills can also work at night providing nocturnal cooling how it works with a metal roof heating.

During winter and cold days there can be a build-up of warm heated air between the roof, sheets and foils. The air is dragged to the smartbreeze unit and the fan energised by the solar panel thats placed on your roof force the warm air through ceiling vents and into your living spaces creating a warmer environment. Cooling during the day during hot weather hot air builds up into your roof. The solar energised fans force the now cold air into your living space which then reduces the temperature. Roof ventilation Avoiding a build up of moisture in winter and to reduce an excessive heat build up in the summer -Some benefits are lowing energy bills, greater comfort in home, ensure the health of your family -Removes dust which enters through tiny gaps of the house structure increasing your health. Gardening fake grass Regal grass -100% recycled -Contains no harmful toxins or heavy metals -no infill like sand is needed for the insulation -not spiky like real grass, soft to touch and walk on -doesnt need to be mowed, therefore low maintenance is needed. There is no need to sweep away the excess grass thats left over.

Termiturf -no watering, mowing or fertilizing -its low maintenance -doesnt lose colour or fade real grass -Needs to be watered at least once a week -Needs to be mowed, the petrol from the lawn mower pollutes the air -Needs to be fertilized, using fertilizer is bad because the chemicals that are in it get washed into either, rivers, oceans and lakes. That causes algae to grow and creatures that live in the water or drink the water. grey water -grey water is collected from you shower, bath or washing machine, it is then diverted into a pump called the waste water system, once the water flows hrough the pump it is then diverted into your garden. -it can save up to 350-700L per day -less energy and chemical use -lower water bills Drip irrigation -weed growth is reduces because between plants the areas arent irrigated -constant moisture which improves growth in plants -you dont need to move them around like a sprinkler, they can stay there permenately -decreased fertilizer cost -60% more efficiency over sprinkler systems Flooring Cork flooring -made from trees. The trees are not cut down, they are made from the bark which grows back every 3 years -cork flooring contains a low or no VOC (volatile organic compound).

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