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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Todays world is a world where everyone has to be somewhere at a certain time. This means you usually have to travel to get there. What I usually do to get somewhere is to get in my truck and drive there myself in my conventional truck. There are many obstacles that I run into when I have to drive though. Gas, energy, and the air pollution my truck causes are just some of the problems with this. A hybrid vehicle would help me out with all of these problems. I think that hybrid vehicles are much more efficient and have way more positives than a conventional car.

Whenever you think about driving, what is the one most important thing that comes to mind? For me, I would have to say that gasoline is the biggest factor on whether I am able drive somewhere or not. The problem with gasoline these days are the high prices (Anderson). If you had a hybrid, this would not be as big of a problem with a conventional car. A lot of my gas gets wasted from having to stop and go in traffic and pressing the gas to get my engine up to the flow of traffic or up to the speed limit.

In a hybrid car, the engine shuts off temporarily when you are stopped in traffic in order to save your gas and not make you waste as much (Anderson). There is no way that you could do this with a conventional car. This is a big positive for hybrid cars in my opinion. The engine temporarily shutting off also helps to save on energy, which is my next main point. Conventional cars and hybrid cars are two different things when it comes to energy. Conventional cars work by using an engine and gasoline to run the vehicle. Hybrid cars are much more efficient when energy comes into play though.

There are two types of hybrid cars that work in different ways (Powers). Parallel hybrid cars are the first type. These types use both a fuel tank with gasoline and a set of batteries in which both the electric motor and the engine can turn the transmission at the same time (Powers). Series hybrid cars are the second type. In this type, the gasoline engine turns a generator and the generator either charges the batteries or powers the electric motor that is used to turn the transmission. The electric motor gets its power from the battery but it never loses all of its energy (Powers).

You are probably wondering how that is. This is a technique known as regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is the recapturing of energy (Powers). These hybrid cars also have another way of never running out of energy. The battery can also be recharged by power from the gas engine (Powers). My last point that I wanted to bring up is the air pollution factor. Air pollution is a big problem in the world today (Garcia). There are many pollutants that are emitted from motor vehicles such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and sulfur oxides (Garcia).

These pollutants could affect your visibility and your health as well (Garcia). This is a very good reason to make the transition from conventional vehicles to hybrid vehicles alone. Why would you use a conventional car, which produces many types of pollutants, over a hybrid car which produces hardly any pollutants at all (Garcia)? We would help the environment and help many different people out with pollution if we all choose to make the transition from conventional to hybrid.

So all in all, I think you could see why having a hybrid car would be more useful than having a conventional car. Of course we have all gotten used to driving our own conventional cars, and we have all gotten used to going around and getting gas and usually having to pay too much for it, reason being to why we should all make the transition over to the hybrid cars. They are more efficient, less money consuming in the long run, help cut down on the air pollution that conventional cars put out, and should start getting cheaper once more people start converting over to the hybrid.

I think that everyone can see with all of these solutions and all of these positives that the hybrid cars are going to take over more sooner than later. Works Cited Nice, Karim, and Julia Layton. How Hybrid Cars Work 20 July 2000. n. d. 16 July 2012. Garcia, Jorge. Air Quality: Vehicle Emissions and Air Quality. 18 Oct. 2006. Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. http://www. deq. state. id. us/air/prog_issues/pollutants/vehicles. cfm (18 Oct. 2006)

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