How would a Scholarship Assist Me After Graduation Essay

Published: 2020-01-23 03:21:12
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In my findings, it is not just enough to have enrichment of goal, fervency of passion and the keeping of focus, there is the place of vital impact played by pecuniary support from guardian(s) to actualize the desire. I strongly believe many brave and highly intelligent ones have been choked out of their academic dream in life after graduation. Statistical findings have unarguably revealed that financial incapability in one of the factors responsible for thwarted vision in academic excellence.

I am very proud to note however, that our school is making part of her contributions in easing students financial burden as a responsible institution in the society. The scholarship is a gesture I really appreciate whole heartedly. I do forward this scholarship application to passionately appeal for my consideration in the grant in order to survive hardship in my future pursuit of academic excellence.

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Being a promising member from a home with single mother who had lost his father as early as age five, I have only being struggling with ways out of incessant hopelessness, deprivation and unavoidable emotional abuse. I have labored assiduously with my parent to make both ends meet; during summer, I work at Boys and Girls Club to save some fund for school and trying hard to work-out element of laziness from exacerbating the poverty. Sooner after my graduation with me and my two other sisters in studying in college, the financial stress for our mother would climax.

The cost of education even in a low grade school with the cheapest environment is overwhelming despite how hard I try to save. My two sisters also need optimum care to cater for their more demanding feminine nature. So huge are my worries despite the strong zeal to pursue academic excellence which I currently demonstrate in school for being among the top 10%. With the hope of scholarship aid, I look forward to a redemptive future from excellence incapacitation. In the college, the scholarship will assist to continual keep focus and meet up the grant expectation.

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