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Published: 2020-02-21 21:20:19
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The negativity or positivity of our thoughts affects our lives in very many ways. People have been told time and again that positive thoughts yield positive results and the same case happens with negative thoughts but very many people find it a daunting task to think positively. This is because in their lives they have encountered difficult situations that have trained their minds to think negatively. However, people should know that it is in their power to choose the kind of thoughts they would like to think.

It is possible to start thinking positively even after years of negative thinking but this process requires effort and persistence. The first step is realizing and accepting the fact that you have the power to control your thoughts. This is important as it gives one the will to start the process of positive thinking. It involves observing ones thoughts detachedly without any attempts to justify, control, or condemn them (Bhatnagar, 2010).

The importance of this detached observation is that it gives one the chance to know exactly what brings about the negative thoughts as well as enabling one to identify possible positive replacements (Bhatnagar, 2010). After one has gained the will start thinking positively, the next step is usually to recognize and stop the negative thoughts. For this step, it is recommended that one keeps a logbook (Bhatnagar, 2010). After each day has ended one should note down the days happenings and then analyze their thoughts to determine if they are positive or negative.

One should identify the triggers of negative thoughts and think of how to handle the situations without thinking negatively. It is important for one not to feel discouraged if their logbooks include many negative thoughts as a logbook is only meant to make one more aware of their thoughts (Bhatnagar, 2010). Recognizing negative thought enables one to stop them the next time they start. After stopping the negative thoughts the next step is to replace them.

The replacement step is supposed to take place immediately after stopping the negative thoughts so that if one was about to say that they can never get something right they will immediately change this and focus on the progress they have made and see it as a step towards getting it right. It is recommended that the interval between the stopping and the replacement be very short as longer intervals serves to weaken the effect of positive thoughts (Bhatnagar, 2010).

Replacement of negative thoughts also involves surrounding yourself with positive people as well as surrounding oneself with inspiring quotes, screensavers and posters. This is important as peoples remarks have the ability to affect the way one thinks. The quotes with the inspiring positive messages should be posted in places where one can see them so that one will get inspired every way they turn (Bhatnagar, 2010). The final step is to be persistent and not to give up. It is important for one to understand that the change will not take place overnight and that it may take some time for one to think positively without effort.

To help one persist even when things are not going right, it is important that one focuses on the positive progress they have made (Bhatnagar, 2010). It is clear that the process of positive thinking involves the replacement of negative thoughts with positive thoughts and that this requires persistence and determination. Reference Bhatnagar, A. (2010). Positive thinking-mind your thoughts. Retrieved 30 April, 2010 from http://www. lifepositive. com/mind/psychology/positive-thinking/thoughts. asp#comment

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