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Published: 2020-01-14 18:52:10
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Leisure time is defined as freedom provided by the cessation of activities especially when time free from works or duties. Leisure activity plays important role in human life as healthy body produces healthy mind. It is good for PMC students to chill out from their busy and stressful routine. PMC students experience leisure activities every day, whether they realize or not it is happening. Even though PMC students have a lot of assignments and revision need to be done, they still have free time to do leisure activities. There are many form of leisure activities provide endless amounts of opportunities for all people. What kind of activity does the student in Penang Matriculation College spent the most during leisure time?

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There are two types of activity which involve among students. Some students would prefer for indoor activity while the others choose outdoor activity. Indoor activity is an activity that intended for use in the interior of a building such as reading story books, online and playing games. Outdoor activity is an activity that located to the open air. For instant, sports and gaming. Like any concept, for all its positive aspects, there are some downsides to participating in leisure activities among student. The main purpose of this survey is to find out what is the most likely activity that PMC students prefer to pile up their free time.

Besides we want to investigate the effects of the pointer on behalf the activity they do during their leisure time. Our aim is to find out how students spend their leisure time and what kind of activity that they will do during daytime and night. Then the study is carried out to discuss the advantages and disadvantages on how they spend their time. Throughout this research, we can see that student prefer more to involve in outdoor activity such as sports. During evening student spent more on sports activity while at night they prefer to study. Most of 3.0 pointer student study alone rather than study group. Lastly, PMC students wisely fill up their leisure time with healthy activities.

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