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Published: 2020-04-22 08:24:05
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There was no world yet and there were gods living in a great brightness in a circular space Magbabaya, Dadanyahan and Makabughaw were the three gods who first lived in order and balance Makabughaw created the first wind.

Magbabaya created the earth from the soil coming from Dadanyahans mouth but it was dry and colorless. Dadanyahan sprinkled his saliva and blessed by Magbabaya and it was the first rain. When water washed over the earth it created different landforms and water forms. Vegetation also sprouted and grow.

Magbabaya and Makabughaw scoped some soil and made a figure with the use of Dadanyahans saliva. They put bones, blood vessels and blood to the seven figures they formed. Magbabaya and Dadanyahan fight about the figures.

The weapons they used in fighting, sank to the ground and became the sources of metals for transportation. They agreed to end their fights and made the final form of the figures, Dadanyahan got the six figures. Magbabaya had only one figure and it was the first human who become the guardians of the soil, water, and marine life, the plants, forests.

How the World Began
Bukidnon Folktale


The story happened before earth was created where the gods lived up in the sky. It is evident by the words, ¦long long time ago in Banting, a circular space of great brightness encircled with a rainbow.

1. Magbabaya the one-headed god, who took pity on Makabughaw and decided to build an extension so the poor Makabughaw could rest. Since the beginning of the story he is a round character, he was sometimes
helpful but most of the time bossy and making orders. Although in the end he turned mad and engaged in fight, it was only the course of his actions.

2. Dadanyahan the ten-headed god, who can give whatever the two gods needed in order tto build or to make something. He is a dynamic character for he has changes in his attitudes in the course of story. From understanding and giving, he turned to be mad.

3. Makabughaw the winged god had to flap his wings continuously to maintain his balance. He sat riskily between Mabgagaya abd Dadanyan. He made his first wind. He is a flat character, because he did not undergo any substantial change or growth in the course of the story. He was always a helper to the two other gods and just follow what they wished for.


a. Exposition
The three gods where living harmoniously in the circular space of great brightness. At first there was only wind and no more. They agreed to make the earth so Makabughaw could rest. From the saliva of Dadanyahan and the blessings of Magbabaya, they were also able to make the first rain that shaped the different water and landforms on the earth and made the land vegetative.

b. Rising Action
After making the earth and the different land, water forms and different plants, they thought there would be someone who will take care of their creations. So they agreed to form images look like them. Dadanyahans saliva and a blessing of Magbabaya and the labor of Makabughaw.

c. Climax
After the seventh figure was molded, Magbabaya had to live to do other things and he told to Dadanyahan not to tamper the image, but Dadanyahan did and used his creative talents. This brought them into huge fight.

d. Falling Action
To end the fight they agreed to divide the images. Dadanyahan got the six images which became the engkantos and Magbabaya got only one image.

e. Denouement
The first human being sprung from the only image of Magbabaya and the small bits of clay from the image became the animals.


MAN vs. MAN The conflict happened between the two characters of the story when they did not want to give way to each other.


Temptation and destruction

Dadanyahan was tempted to touch the image and used his creativity on them, but he just made unwanted creatures that is why they had a big fight. It alsodestructed his friendship with Magbabaya.

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