How I Will Help The University of San Francisco Carry Out Its Mission Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 17:30:41
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I am one of the few Korean Catholics who can strongly describe my upbringing as being in the typical tradition of the Roman Catholic church. My parents raised me with open eyes regarding how lucky we are in life and that we should always be more than willing to help those less fortunate than us. This meant teaching me early on in life about the virtue of charity and love for our fellowman and all of Gods other creations. One of the strongest lessons I learned from the priests whom my family mingled with is that Jesus Christ was a man who healed people and had a heart for those who could not help themselves.

Those whom he healed, he expected no payment nor gratitude from. A person helps because he can of use and help to people, not because he wants to have something in exchange. Thus, my decision to follow a path in Medicine covering a course that reminds me of the humbleness of Jesus Christ as a healer. I chose to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy because a physical therapist is one who heals people by helping them regain their independence and functionality in life. A physical therapist seems to work miracles for the patient just as Christ used to do. Just as I strive to be. At this point in my education, I am like a ball of clay.

Ready to be shaped by the masters of their craft, In my case, the professors of USF can mold me and help me achieve the accomplishments expected of a USF student. With the help of my classmates and professors, I plan to lay the groundwork and path towards my becoming a productive member of the USF student community by always striving to be the best that I can in class, helping those who need help regardless of their status in life or nationality, and also, by leading and undertaking various charitable activities that will bring medical service closer to the poor and indigents living near and around the school campus.

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