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Published: 2020-01-27 05:22:38
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As the head cleaner of the apartment, I have been responsible to keep things orderly and neatly in the house. I have presented to become the head cleaner because I truly believe that my housemates should not be worrying that much about the household chores with a house cleaning timetable suited to them. The earlier system of assigning different individuals in the house has been convenient for everyone and effective in maintaining the cleanliness of the apartment.

However, since our fellow housemate Hannah has already graduated, the task assignments will be re-distributed to five left house members. The new schedule of each individual is also a factor why the task assignments will be different this year. I hope everybody will adapt to the new rules and regulations regarding the tasks assigned to you and be responsible for the specified chores. Questions, comments and suggestions in these task assignments will be entertained tomorrow (date), at around 3 in the afternoon.

? Additional chore: On Saturdays, Edsam and Jane are responsible for grocery shopping. ? Additional chore: On Saturdays, Sherwin will pay the bills. ? Schedule of washing clothes in during the weekends. ? Jessie (the dog) needs to be groomed every Saturday. James is in charge of that. ? If a house member has a valid excuse for not doing his or her specified chore, another house member will be assigned to do it. ? Failure to do the specified chore without a valid excuse means a $5 fine.

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