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Published: 2020-01-29 18:52:18
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Hotel Rwanda holds in itself the value of awakening the global society about the unfortunate pages in their history which is the genocide between the Tutsis and the Hutus. While the film is a manifestation of African history and culture, it is likewise and more so a mirror of the conflicting paradigms that shaped Rwanda. Civil War is very rampant in rogue states.

Since Africa is generally composed of third world nations, it is given that they have unstable political system from their government institutions to the governance itself; they also have massive participation in the already heightened black market where illegal transit and utilization of weapons are used as means to sustain livelihood. War is a profitable business in the sub-Saharan Africa and genocide brings a good fortune for those who know how to start it.

It also exposes how underestimated the role of Rwanda in the international community. Since there is so little which can be extracted from it, the United Nations refused to grant aid and respond to the civil turmoil in Africa. Rwanda is land-locked which means it has no access to seaports and no marine resources. The lands are barren and agricultural is also poor.

Hotel Rwanda is a film which shows how difficult it is to be in an undeveloped country and how crime without punishment prevails. While there are states and societies which live in subsidy and welfare state, there are also those who barely have something to eat. More so, their lives are threatened by their own brethren. No regard for the sanctity of life whtasoever, as long as the selfish motives of one man is served.

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