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Hot and cold packs are important products to human beings. Yet, they are environmental friendly as well. For example, a person does not have to dispose of a hot and cold pack everyday. In addition, a hot and cold pack does not let off fumes into the air that make it difficult to breathe and tear into the ozone layer. Therefore, hot and cold packs are convenient for personal, professional, and environmental purposes. How to create hot/cold packs and the purpose they serve University Chemistry (UC) indicated, In general, the rate of a reaction increases as the concentration of reactants increases (2005/2006, p.

1). It takes a chemical reaction for a hot and cold pack to work. Consequently, it is important to determine how a hot and cold pack is made before one can realize all the benefits. UC described the process of creating hot and cold packs: A series of hydrogen peroxide solutions having different concentration will be prepared. A special microscale shakedown technique will be used to mix the hydrogen peroxide solutions with the other reactants”iodide ions, a buffer, and starch.

The time needed for the reaction to occur, from the time of mixing to the time when the blue color suddenly appears, will be measured and used to calculate the reaction rate. (2005/2006, p. 1) Once a chemical reaction has taken place, then the hot and cold pack can be used to treat injuries. Howard Debeck Elementary School (n. d. ) conducted an experiment to create hot and cold packs. In the discussion, the school indicated how effective hot and cold packs are for treating injuries. It was said that:

Hot/cold packs are used by athletes to minimize swelling of injuries such as muscle and joint sprains. They are constructed of a large pouch containing a dry chemical plus an inner pouch of water. The hot/cold pack is activated by breaking the seal on the pouch of water and shaking the pack vigorously. This action mixes the water with the chemical starting the exothermic or endothermic reaction. (Howard Debeck Elementary School, n. d. ) Two ways have been described on how to create hot/cold packs as well as the main uses of the products.

It takes a chemical reaction, endothermic, and exothermic for a hot/cold pack to work. Everything except endothermic has been defined. As a result, endothermic is A chemical reaction that absorbs heat from the environment¦ (Howard Debeck Elementary School, n. d. ). The environment has been mentioned a lot in this report. Hot/Cold packs do not put off fumes into the air, as mentioned earlier. They, instead, give off heat to a persons body part once the pack has been applied to the injury. Yet, the pack is first cold when placed on an injury.

Since body heat is activated (chemical reaction) in a human being, it eventually releases this reaction through the hot and cold pack. Thus, a sort of freezing (cold reaction) and unfreezing (hot reaction) enhances the efficiency of hot and cold packs. Conclusions It is important to remember that chemical reactions need to be understood without using formulas before one can understand a reaction using formulas. Hot and cold packs help heal injuries. Due to this fact, they are vital to the success of athletes who are playing sports for a profession.

Yet, people who have strenuous jobs and engage in recreational activities use them as well. In an age where the environment and people need all the protections available, hot/cold packs are good investments.


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