Honor often missing in political world Essay

Published: 2020-02-06 01:50:06
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Disgraceful but true. Many political analysts convey that honor no longer exist in many politicians. Though the word honorable often attached to their names the integrity of their role vanish. We can only count politicians who never bend nor exchange their principles and have hold and fight for their honor. Many officials lost their honor when they enriched themselves and abuse the power of their office and falsely claimed that their act is for the welfare of its subordinates. Retracting their principles and legislating beyond its rightful power and erecting our laws mainly to

protect some personalities who gave them favor that leads unlawful jurisdiction, to whom they should protect, are another dishonorable act. They had lied, deceived and use their office for their own interest. Despite the government massive efforts to demolish dishonorable personalities corruption was never demolished. How can we abolish corruption when the main actors who oath to diminish and penalize crooks are more discreditable than the ones prosecuted. Like for example, the alleged corrupt legislators who currently accused of committing bribery, extortion, embezzlement and graft. They prosecute but barely prosecuted.

Only secondary player; meaning less prominent; are brought to justice. The injury that had been brought to our liberty, justice and individual rights broadens resulting to anguish and poverty. Clearly, we already have enough of these cabal betrayers. Reason laid in front, actions taken here and there, yet its shameful deeds prolong. Injustices continue to prevail. Shame though, that many of us no longer believe in our system even though the problem is not our system itself but who manipulated our system. Our leaders that we once trust and put into power bargain their honor and leave us nothing but dark future.

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