Holiday Blues Essay

Published: 2020-02-20 03:12:43
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Holidays filled with fun, family outings, shopping, Christmas Trees, and bringing in the New Year. It is not always like this for others. Holidays can be a very depressing time for others. When families get together you might want to pay attention to that loved one that maybe still grieving or going through lifes blows. It is hard to get into the grove of things when you look around and see that their is someone missing this year. Life is not the same without that person or persons. You are not so happy about another year going by and you havent made any significant progress in your life. It seems that nothing anyone can do to get you over this silent pain you are going through.

Counseling could be one way of coping with this loss and trying to fill this void in ones life. Anti-depressants is another alternative. The best way I have found to beat the blues in combination of the above,if that is needed, is to bring yourself back to something you love to do. Be it listening to music, writing memoirs, singing, going out to a comedy. Just get yourself involved and loose yourself in your favorite past time to help alleviate the pressure.

Remember not everyone is happy during the holidays. Try and look out for one another. You never know; all that person really needs to know is that someone has noticed them and had shown them that they really care. It is not only the teenagers we need to watch. We also need to watch the people that fall within the middle age group.

So during the holiday fun and cheer look around to notice others that are not so happy. Cheer them up and show them that you care.

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