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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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In the essay Hidden Intellectualism, Gerald Graff argues that there is a possibility of some form of hidden intellectualism besides the traditional academic intellectualism. Graff states that this form of intellectualism is buried under the mask of usual discussions about fashions, sports, and other aspects. Schools are potentially missing a form of intelligence that cannot be seen through academics. Graff supports his idea that intellectualism can also exist outside of academics by using his own experience, looking back on it, and forming his own ideas.

Gerald Graffs use of his own personal experience is the beginning support to his argument. According to Graff, I was your typical teenage anti-intellectual”or so I believed for a long time. I have recently come to think, however, that my preference for sports over schoolwork, was not anti-intellectualism so much as intellectualism by another nature (381). This personal example Graff presents demonstrates that intelligence exist in other ways. Not liking or being good at school subjects dont necessarily mean intelligence is not there; it may just exist outside the academic realm.

Therefore, Graffs example is prime proof of hidden intellectualism. It is clear and evident that other students can also be the same way as the author. The students may just not be noticing it. To further support his argument, Graff looks back on his adolescent years and shows how influential his own experience was. Graff contends that, it was in these discussions with friends about toughness and sports, I think, and in my reading of sports books and magazines, that I began to learn the rudiments of the intellectual life (383).

According to Graff, nonacademic subjects can lead to intellectual learning. Constant debate and discussion over topics one enjoys or is familiar with causes a person to think the ways of an academic: critically, intellectually, and analytically. A different form of intelligence is being developed, but it is still intelligence. All the elements of intellectual process of an academic subject are there. The intelligence is just on a topic that student has background on. From his personal experience Graff is able to come up with new ideas on intellectualism.

In his final paragraph Graff states, Its a good bet that if students get hooked on reading and writing by doing term papers on Source, they will eventually get to On Liberty (386). If students are allowed to analyze and engage in topics they enjoy then their writing will improve. They will take their learning process from non academics and apply it to other academic subjects. The world of non academics brings choice and freedom to students. They are allowed to freely express themselves and enjoy their work.

By introducing subjects such as sports, cars, and fashion to classrooms, students will develop their own hidden intellectualism that they can possibly then apply to other academic topics. Therefore, the idea that non-academic programs needs to be created. Not only because students will only improve will their knowledge, but they also develop learning skills they can apply to other subjects. Hidden Intellectualism explores the idea that intellectualism can exist not only in academic subjects, but also those deemed non academic.

With Graff using his own personal example for the foundation for his support, it is evident that his argument has credibility. By then looking back on and expanding on his own experience Gaffs points come full circle. Intellectualism can come from any subject. Analyses, debates, and arguments all can be formed from these non-academic subjects. With the right dedication and attitude a student can use these non-academic subjects and develop their own hidden intellectualism.

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