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Company Summary: Harley-Davidson is one of two American producers of motorcycles, and the nations #1 seller of the cruiser style of motorcycles. The organization offers 35 different models of custom and touring bikes through a worldwide network of more than 1,500 dealers. Harley models include the Sportster, the Fat Boy, and the Electra-Glider. The company also produces sport bike style motorcycles under the brand name of Buell. Other than its motorcycles, Harley-Davidson sells a certain type of life style and attitude. Including, but not limited to, goods licensed with the company name, such as a line of clothing and accessories.

Retrieved June 12, 2007 from (http://www. hoovers. com/harley-davidson/ID__10706/free-co-factsheet. xhtml. ) According to Buss (2004), Harleys roots stem from a blue-collar appeal for social mavericks, beginning with its founding in 1903, and continued to grow through the early 80s. During this time, a print ad showing a buff guys arm with a Harley tattoo asked: When was the last time you felt this strongly about anything Marketplace Competition: J. D. Power and Associates (2006) reveals that, in its ninth model year, Victory Motorcycles is growing at close to ten times the industry rate.

Victory is the motorcycle division of Polaris Industries that is more commonly known for its ATVs and snowmobiles. People who choose to ride our bikes love them its something weve known for a long time and were happy this information is finally public. said Mark Blackwell, Vice President of Victory Motorcycles and International Operations for Polaris Industries. Black well goes on to state that more consumers desire an American heavyweight cruiser that has a more modern design and function. He adds that the test ride program is really helping to open peoples eyes. SWOT Analysis:

Strengths: ·Mission Statement- We fulfill dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.

Retrieved on 6-12-07 from, http://www. harley-davidson. com/wcm/Content/Pages/Student_Center/student_center. jsp? locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US#demographics. ·2006 Sales (mil. )- $6,185. 6 ·1-Year Sales Growth- 9. 0% ·2006 Net Income (mil. )- $1,043. 2 ·1-Year Net Income Growth- 8. 7% ·2006 Employees- 9,000 ·1-Year Employee Growth- (7. 2%) http://www.hoovers. com/harley-davidson/ID__10706/free-co-factsheet. xhtml. )

Weaknesses: CompanyProductQualityCost of Ownership SalesService BMW Buell Ducati Harley-Davidson Honda Kawasaki Suzuki Triumph Victory Yamaha Scoring Legend Among the best Better than most About average The rest http://www. jdpower. com/autos/ratings/motorcycles Opportunities: ·Harley- Davidson is revving up efforts to broaden its appeal to younger riders and women. ·. Harley is now pursuing younger male buyers and female customers in several ways. It reaches out to the dreamers group through a direct mail program.

Advertising is also playing a major role in refining the Harley brand. ·New products, however, are skewing younger. The Harley portfolio now includes traditional cruisers, many priced above $20,000; high-tech, performance oriented V-Rod bikes, introduced two years ago at $16,500-17,700; and the Sportster line, which retails at $6,500-9,500. Buss, (2004) Threats: ·The Victory Vision bikes have four inches of cushion in their seats, a relaxed, feet-forward riding position, the best aerodynamic wind protection and airflow management for all weather riding, and plenty of storage space with modern American styling.

·Victory reported that it has established goals for sales to grow to $2. 2 billion by the end of the 2009 calendar year. ·The Vision 800 concept motorcycle features an 800cc four-stroke liquid-cooled parallel twin linked to an automatic Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) without foot controls or clutch; a cast aluminum alloy frame and cast aluminum single sided swingarm; a 43mm inverted telescopic front forks and fully adjustable single rear gas shock; braking via dual 300mm rotors in the front and a 250 mm rotor in back.

Also, a 120/60-R17 front tire and 250/40-R18 rear tire, both wrapped around 3. 75-inch-wide six spoke cast aluminum rims. Retrieved on 6-12-07 from, (http://www. allbusiness. com/retail-trade/motor-vehicle-parts-dealers-motor-motorcycle/855796-1. html) Recommendations: ·Although the numbers of younger riders are on the rise, Harley must take notice of the marketing styles that MTV utilizes. ·The youth of this country are constantly changing, and constant market research must be done to keep up with what the next ideas of what is cool.

·Generally older males are the demographic that Harley- Davidson aims for, but the research I found indicates that women and young men are beginning to purchase more cruiser style motorcycles. ·Victory makes a great product, (I should know because I sell them) and they are on the rise to be the top competition to Harley. ·Harley must get into the minds of the younger and more feminine crowds by surveys or incentives that appeal to this new demographic.

References Buss, D. , (2004), Can Harley Ride the New Wave? Brandweek . 45.Retrieved June 12, 2007. (Dec 21 2006), The Riders Have Spoken: Victory Motorcycles Receives High Ratings From J. D. Power and Associates. Business Wire. Retrieved from http://www. harley-davidson. com/wcm/Content/Pages/Student_Center/student_center. jsp? locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US#demographics (http://www. allbusiness. com/retail-trade/motor-vehicle-parts-dealers-motor-motorcycle/855796-1. html) http://www. jdpower. com/autos/ratings/motorcycles http://www. hoovers. com/harley-davidson/ID__10706/free-co-factsheet. xhtml.

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