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Published: 2020-02-22 02:11:46
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It is well known that mans every desire comes forth, not from the mind, but from the core of his heart. It is this very heart that compels him to seek and fulfill those desires; be it moral or immoral in nature. From day one, man has sought to accomplish every single want that finds its way into his heart and he seldom offers any resistance against these.

He may be all powerful and mighty when it comes to his daily hurdles but his weakness is evident in the fact that he cannot control and conquer the spirit in him that unceasingly demands more and more; the spirit against which, obtaining victory is nearly impossible. This is exactly the message Aristotle, through philosophical knowledge, has made an attempt to convey, to not only you or me but to all of us; a message stating, that the hardest victory is victory over the self.

Indeed, Aristotle was right when he spoke about victory over ones self being the hardest to obtain. Very often, it so happens, that despite the attempts made, one is unable to understand himself. He is left with no clue about who he is, where he is and most importantly, what he wants in life. This has resulted in him being uncertain and doubtful about his basic needs and so called luxuries. He is blinded by passions that may or may not be in his capability to achieve.

But he is unaware that in his attempts to achieve these passions at any cost, he is loosing a battle against his greedy spirit; what he doesnt know is that he has given himself to materialistic elements elements that will only pull him down, making it harder for him to breathe and live with ease it will only make it more difficult for him to conquer that spirit, that big hurdle, that comes in his way to being truly victorious; a sight which is not all that common in the generation of today; because this present generation is a goal oriented and career driven kind that has given rise to numerous problems and various dilemmas due to its striving nature.

At this point of time, it would only be right to say, that in order to be a true winner, man has got to learn that there is only one war to be fought; it is this war that determines the result of his success.

This war is not symbolically a political or religious one, but signifies one that is personal and within ones self. One must realize that in order to achieve success, it is necessary to surmount and do away with the desires of his mortal heart. Only then is he capable of acquiring the victory that was, is and will forever be the dream of scores of people who have come and are to come into this world.

To conclude and leave you pondering, it would be best to impart to you a statement I happen to recall, a statement made by Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu; a statement that goes like this He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.

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