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Published: 2020-01-31 23:00:26
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It is commonly accepted that a persons bad habits are bad. Right? Wrong. Today Ill be giving some examples of habits of mine that are actually in a way, beneficial to me. ANGER Ever since I remember, Ive had the habit of getting angry very easily, but it turns out that letting off a head of steam may bring physical benefits. Researchers have found that people who respond to high-stress situations with some righteous anger maintain lower blood pressure and secrete less cortisol, known as the stress hormone, than people who respond with fear or bottle up their feelings. VIDEO GAMES Despite being blamed for their part in the obesity epidemic, video games can actually help us get fit and lose weight. It turns out it actually boosts your metabolism! Whilst playing video games, a persons heart rates speeds up; they used more energy and begin breathing faster.

This could have a positive effect on health, provided theyre not substituted for real sport. SWEARING Did you know that swearing is actually good for you? Yes, scientists have proven that swearing eases pain and allows you to withstand pain for longer. Swearing is connected to our adrenaline and when people swear, they have an elevated heart rate, so it could be that swearing increases their aggression levels. Increased aggression has been shown to reduce peoples sensitivity to pain. LAZING ABOUT This kind of behavior is believed to add years to your life. People who get up early and busy themselves all day long are heading for an early grave. Lazing about is the key to a long life and an antidote to personal stress. People who would rather take a midday nap instead of playing squash have a better chance of living into old age. If you dont believe me. An example of this is the increased lifespan of zoo animals for instance lions in the Serengeti live only eight years, but can live to an age of 20 in captivity.

STRESS Stress, while long periods of stress can leave your immune system depleted and prone to infection, researchers have found that a short stressful incident can boost your learning and memory. Acute stress increases transmission of glutamate, the substance that passes messages to and from the brain. This improves working memory. Stress hormones have both protective and damaging effects on the body. This is why we need stress to
perform better, but dont want to be stressed out. LOUD MUSIC Most people believe that listening to music very loud is damaging to your ears. This may be true; however it also stimulates part of the inner ear known as the sacculus, which responds to the beat of music.

The sacculus, has no hearing function in humans, but is sensitive only to very loud volumes. It has a connection to the part of the brain responsible for drives such as hunger and sex. When these desires are satisfied, the brain is stimulated into releasing feel-good hormones that make us calm, happy and responsive. FIDGETING It may be irritating, but natural fidgets are doing themselves a favour by fighting obesity. Researchers have found that people who always seem to be on the go are more likely to be slim. The extra motion, whether it is tapping, twitching, stretching or yawning, accounts for an extra 350 calories a day. The amount of this low-grade activity is so large it could be the only thing keeping some from becoming obese. So the next time someone tells you to stop whatever habit it is youre doing, because they dont approve. Think twice, and ask yourself. Is it benefitting you!

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