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Published: 2019-11-07 19:20:11
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Gull Products INC. is a small business in Moose Jaw that supplies commercial products to other regional business. A big multinational corporation, Delnex, has moved into their area and could possibly represent one of Gulls biggest customers. Phil, the sales supervisor and the key decision maker, leads the discussion on how to acquire Delnex as a customer. The sales team has four member; Bob, John, Cindy and Joe. Bob has the most experiences, John is a hard worker, Cindy is the newest member but has ties to Delnex from her old position, and Joe is their highest seller. Issues

Elements of this case that are relevant to the course concepts are the; Team effectiveness Model, 5s of Team Member Competency, Stages of Team Development. Issues and problems are that Phil is more focused on getting to play a round of golf. He doesnt consider any other alternatives, which could result in Gull Inc. potentially resulting in not acquiring Delnex as a customer. Cindys idea is completely ignored and she is barely given a chance to speak. On top of that Phil called Cindys approach a feminist way. External & Internal Factors

External factors are the threat of other merchants approaching Delnex. Another factor is Delnex might not be interested in doing business. Internal factors are Gull Inc. culture and values from the top down, the competency of the sales reps. Another internal factor is equality; Phil should dismiss Cindys response in a feminist way. Analysis

My first alternative is to take Cindys approach of an informative soft sell. Pros of this are their reputation and relationship with Delnex. A con of this approach is Cindys team members dont value her opinion and not support her. Secondly they could take Joes approach and have an informal meeting on the golf course with Phil. A pro is they could be impressed by the private club and its and be swayed to do business with them. A con of this is there is no teamwork and Cindy is feeling invaluable and the feeling that none of her working companions respect her. Lastly, Gull Inc. could host Delnex with an informative presentation and a formal contract. This approach would require team collaboration from all members and improve teamwork and communication. This will make a good reputation with Delnex and build a solid relationship with Delnex leading to increased profits. Recommendation

My recommendation is for Gull Inc. to host Delnex and have all the sales reps to communicate and collaborate their ideas into an informative presentation. This will impress Delnex and create a solid working relationship going forward and hopefully lead to increased profits. This will cause the greatest good for Gull Inc. and be the best way to acquire a contract with Delnex. Implementation Plan

Phil needs to integrate the team and have them work together to create a presentation and formal contract as soon as possible to Delnex as soon as possible. Gull Inc. will host this presentation at one of their offices and have them sign a contractual obligation before they leave.

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