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Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Everyone knows the feeling of walking around and seeing something on the floor that catches their eye, usually it is nothing but trash with creative designs and coloring, but why are people so curious to see what it is anyway? Because the graphic designers for that company did their job correctly. Graphic design is the art of getting a message out to a targeted audience through various forms of artwork. Everyone worldwide, businesses and the average person use graphic designing skills every day. Every shirt with a design, logo or message was the work of graphic designers. Another example of graphic design is, a social network. Users on can edit profiles such as adding designs, changing color schemes, and several applications such as games, and music applications. That is one way people use graphic design from day to day. Graphic designers are a key component in any business or company worldwide.

A company or business can only do so well without advertising and innovation. For example, you would not go into a store and view three different boxes of televisions and all it said on every single one was television on it without any designs or color. Companies hire innovative graphic designers to get a specific message across to an audience. Graphic designers consider cognitive, cultural, physical and social factors in planning and executing designs for the targeted audience. (U.S.) Graphic designers are very valuable to companies and can make or break a company. A products message to the targeted audience might be very weak and vague with poor graphic design.

A product can be great with the right color schemes and attractive designs. Graphic designers generate unique images for their company or client which will be seen on their products as a logo, design, or advertisement. They also design company billboards, product labels, with not only by using images, but also using creative writing as well. Designers make the company because they have to make a design or logo that will compete with dozens of competitors selling the same product or service (Stone). The advertising industry benefits the most from graphic designers by making sure the product or service is understandable and clear.

Graphic design is nothing new it has been around forever. Historians believe the earliest manuscripts were created anywhere from four hundred A.D. to six hundred A.D. Illuminated manuscripts are manuscripts that has text which is complemented by decorated boarders and images or illustrations. Graphic design is the combination of computer animations and graphics mixed with drawings to create art, logos, advertising (Graphic). Graphic design focuses on visual communication and presentation of products, businesses, website, or projects.

Graphic design enhances transfer of knowledge and makes everything a lot easier to comprehend and understand the purpose or message the company or client are trying to convey back to the consumer or audience. It is a form of visual communication through a combination of art and technology (Bean). Graphic design did not become as popular until the twenty-first century where it became digital and where computers became accessible. With the internet becoming such a great tool to communicate with others visually and through writing worldwide, advertising became a lot easier and graphic designers were in demand.

Graphic design is one of the most flexible jobs in the market place. Twenty-five hundred jobs are created each year nearly sixty percent are self-employed. There is also a good job outlook through 2014 (Graphic). Every company, business, or general public use some sort of graphic design in their everyday life. As new technology arises the demand for graphic designers is rapidly increasing. Graphic design is expected to grow faster than average jobs, thirteen percent over ten years spanning from 2008 to 2015. This definitely makes competition fierce but also a promising future. According to the Bureau of Labor and statistics, about 261,000 graphic designers were employed in the year 2000 (U.S).

By 2008 there were two-hundred and eighty-six thousand graphic designers (College). Graphic designers that want to have the best chance to land a job should have experience in website design and animation. Of twenty-five thousand graphic designers who try to enter the workforce, only sixty percent last the first two years, and only thirty percent remain in the field for five years (Everything). The graphic design job market will keep growing as long as advertising and computers play an important role in everyday life.

Graphic design is a trait you must learn and have a talent or desire to be creative. The majorities of graphic designers have a four year degree in art design and have an understanding of the business world and production. Seventy percent of graphic designers go to college. Many artists turn to graphic design during their younger part of their life and then after go back to art. Professional graphic designers must be able to assemble a working portfolio to approach companies (Everything). A graphic design portfolio is a representation of the owner and all their skills in graphic design. This is similar to a rsum except this is specifically to see the designers art work. Graphic designers should have a bachelors degree in design and take various liberal arts courses that focus on history, writing, psychology, sociology, foreign language and cultural studies.

Graphic designers should also get a good understanding of how marketing, business and production affect their field of work. Designers should have experience using programs such as InDesign, Quark Express, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Now there are also over one hundred accredited schools with graphic design programs to further your studies. The accredited schools also help designers deal with the lifestyle that comes with being a graphic designer.

The salaries of graphic designers differ between small and large businesses.With all the schooling, graphic designers must accomplish their income ranges from twenty-three thousand to one hundred thousand a year, nearly sixty percent of designers are self-employed (College). According to statistics shown by occupational employment statistics, the least salary a graphic designer receives is twenty-four thousand, the average salary is forty-seven thousand and highest salaries top off at one hundred thousand or more (Graphic). With a small business, it makes making money harder because only local customers know of it. By using the designing skills, small businesses are able to expand and use their talents and abilities to advertise on the internet and throughout the street. Salaries all depend on how well the company does. A dedicated and talented designer could make millions and a designer who does not care could make nothing.

Graphic designers must be able to work with a variety of media restrictions
such as font size, specific colors and designs. Graphic designers are also met with financial restrictions as well (Everything). Graphic designers must be innovative from the start to impress their clients or company that they are doing business for. Graphic designers start off by preparing sketches of what their perspective is of the owners message to a targeted audience. Graphic designers use various forms of art designs, fonts, color schemes, and it even comes down to the type of paper they use as the layout. Graphic designers also use the aid of computer software for animation, sound, lighting and three-dimensional designs. Graphic designers also use various graphs in their projects and of course get approval for any information or artwork that isnt theirs.

After they have a rough draft of what they think the owner or businesss message is trying convey they submit it to the art or creative director for review. Graphic designers that work for large advertising, publishing, or design firms usually work a regular forty hour week. Graphic designers that are self-employed or work for small firms have an unstable working environment. Self-employed graphic designers adjust their schedules to accommodate their clients schedules and deadlines. Graphic designers that get paid by the project are under a lot pressure because they have to try to keep current clients as well as finding new ones to keep a steady flow of income. Graphic designers style of art might be wanted one season and the next season no one might want it.

Graphic design affects every single person every day. Today we see graphic design out in the world through billboards, clothing, logos, labels, and products (Bean). The take out menus, car covers, programs, and websites are the basic examples of how graphic design affects peoples everyday life. That is what will usually make or break a deal at a store. The way the product is presented, advertised, even if the actual product is not that great the way its presented will determine if a consumer will purchase it or not. Consumers also dress and present themselves in a way that will make them distinct or stand out from others. Everyone uses some sort of art to design a certain style that they like or appreciate.

People also dress with caution to give the right message to the targeted audience. For example, wearing a Raiders jersey gives the message that the owner of the jersey likes the Raiders or the players name that is printed on the jersey. Italso gives the message that they like football. By using graphic designing on clothing, it gives people personality and style. Without the different logos or graphics on a clothing, everyone would look boring and the same every day. The variety of all the graphic designers talents and ideas make the clothing styles unique. Unique styles are what brings in the consumers with similar interests. Some styles are so unique that they are worth a lot of money and some are just basic styles that are not as expensive. An important aspect to creating clothing is to know what type of consumers the company is trying to reach out too. Making sure that there is a large amount of people or if the design is popular at time is key to making money.

In conclusion, graphic designing is important to society because everything made or seen is made from graphic design. It adds personality to products and people. Dedicating your time and talent into projects makes the job of graphic designing worthwhile. Making advertisements for companies is an important job because it helps the company gain business and it reflects the artwork. Advertising has been around for a long time and it keeps improving with the new technology. Graphic designing is used to communicate the message that the producers want to go out.

There could be as many designers as there are businesses. Designers seem to have the easy job, but in reality they have pressure and deadlines to meet. Not anyone off the street can make millions, but a dedicated designer that goes through the education requirements will be successful in life. That person will most likely be able to own their own small or large business. Owning a business will have the greatest incoming salary and the best outlook. Graphic designing in the best because it makes everything have a unique part of it. All products are unique with their own logo, label or artwork. The more unique the product is, the more people want to know more about it. Graphic designing creates style which can speak for itself. The better the graphic is, the more popularity it gets. As the main component to a company, graphic designing is the most important role. Without it, the world would be dull and there would be no competition for the best products or the best artwork. Next time a product is looked at, people should comment on the graphic design that mostly persuades them to purchasing the item.

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