Good Night, Sweet Butterflies Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:24:05
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Bentley and Gerths (3) book follows the story of nine colorful butterflies as they seek for flowers of different colors for them to sleep in. These nine butterflies look through of the butterflies chooses its own colorful flower. It can be red roses as a red robin sings good night; or yellow daisies waving to the yellow setting sun. Although the text of the book does not always rhyme in a rhythmic pattern, the colorful illustrations of flowers, birds and insects, as well as the butterflies peeking through the holes cut into the book will delight children reading this book.

One butterfly chooses to alight in the flowers featured in each page of the book. The spreads of the book feature different colors and as moms and kids turn the pages of the book; they will see one butterfly less. In the end, the last little one to sleep would be the child reading or listening to the story. The book is thick but is still easy to turn, making it easier for a child to navigate through the pages. The colors featured in each page are mentioned twice, together with one animal. Hence, the learning process of the child will be hastened.

The butterflies are mounted and make it appear as if they really were flitting from page to page. For growing children, their sleeping habits are not yet set. Reading a bedtime story such as Good Night, Sweet Butterflies will help kids get the mood for sleeping. The rhythm of the text, the colors, and the theme of going to bed help set the mind of the child to repose just as the butterflies did. Not only that, by reading the book, the child will start being familiar with colors and with various animals.

Works Cited Bentley, Dawn and Melanie Gerth. Good Night Sweet Butterflies. Little Simon, New York.

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